UPS Promotes Personal Goods Storage Service Digging $38 Billion Market

Recently, United Parcel Service(UPS) launched the "Storage on Demand" innovation service to temporarily store personal items for users in its US storage facilities.

Through the website, the user can book the storage box used for delivery to the home or work unit, and then seal the box and make an appointment to pick up the item and deliver it to the UPS warehouse. Users can track their stored items through the website, and place an order online to make a reservation for the same day delivery service.

Darren Kamensek, United Parcel Service Strategy and Innovation Manager, said this service resolve the current global problem, that is, demographic changes, millennials live in small houses in crowded urban areas, and the "baby boomer" generation is nearing retirement, small businesses need space to store items,and storage facilities are in short supply,etc. The company's services just make up for the current reality of the lack of personal storage facilities.

According to SpareFoot, a US company in the field of personal goods storage, the market potential of the personal storage business is about $38 billion, an annual growth rate of 7.7% since 2012. On average, one in every 11 Americans pays an average of $91 a month for personal item storage.

Traditional storage mode, American users need to reach the storage ponit, and even can not track personal items, but only to check on site by themselves. The digital on-demand storage model of the United Parcel Service simplifies the entire process by eliminating the time and effort of the user. It is reported that there are currently 4 employees in the UPS responsible for the implementation of the service, and the staff are directly responsible to the senior executive manager, making the project from concept to landing in only 9 months.

Currently, the service is being carried out in the Atlanta area and is planned to be rolled out to other US cities in the near future at a price of $5 per month for each storage bin.

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