eBay SpeedPAK Logistics Management Solution Usage Policy Update

Recently, eBay released the "SpeedPAK Logistics Management Solution Usage Policy Update" announcement. The announcement shows that eBay has decided to include Italy, France, and Spain in the price assessment of the SpeedPAK logistics management program.

It is understood that after the update, the evaluation of the original Canadian route of over $8 direct mail transaction will be expanded to the overall assessment of high-priced direct mail transactions in Canada, Italy, France and Spain. The compliance rate requirement was changed from 90% of the original Canadian route to 40% of the total routes of Canada, Italy, France and Spain. In line with the Canadian route, Italy, France, and Spain do not require sellers to provide or buyers to choose SpeedPAK logistics options or speedy express logistics options. The original US, UK, Germany, and Australia routes evaluation methods remain unchanged.

eBay reminded in the announcement that if the buyer chooses the SpeedPAK logistics option when purchasing the goods, the seller must use the SpeedPAK logistics service with the same service level or higher to ship. Punitive measures, including sales restrictions, will be applied to accounts with serious problems. eBay will officially implement the above requirements on December 8, 2019. The evaluation period will be from November 17, 2019 (inclusive) to November 30, 2019 (inclusive).

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