Ireland Post launches new processing centre, parcels shift from manual to 90% automated

Recently, Ireland Post officially opened a new parcel hub in Dublin with a cost of 15 million euros and an area of 50,000 square meters. Over the past week, the hub has successfully processed more than 1 million packages from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ireland Post estimates that 16 million parcels processed this year will come from the United Kingdom, 5 million from the United States, Canada and Brazil, and 1 million from Germany. The Ireland Post Group says the new hub will further enhance international parcel processing capacity.

The center converts parcel operations from manual to 90% automated processing and can handle 13,000 parcels per hour. The new classification system is highly intelligent and can identify all locations in Ireland. After processing,package will be sent directly from the Dublin Parcel Centre to the local delivery unit.

In 2018, Ireland Post processed more than 30 million parcels, an increase of 42% year-on-year, and occupied 40% of the country's parcel share, which requires continuous improvement in processing capacity. Not long ago this year, the European Investment Bank approved a loan of 40 million euros to support the Ireland Post's transformation strategy. Ireland Post will reinvest this and other funds on top of its own funds to update the network over the next five years.



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