Amazon will update logistics FBA and sales commission fees in 2020

Amazon recently announced that it will change the fees for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and sales commission next year.

Starting February 18, 2020, Amazon will increase shipping costs by about 3%, reduce some sales commissions, and launch a new product selection program. In addition, FBA charges for small and light products, as well as monthly storage, labeling service and removal order fees will also change.

Amazon said that this year it invested more than $ 15 billion in improving infrastructure, staffing, etc., and also spent billions of dollars to expand the free next-day delivery service to tens of millions of products, which is also its biggest annual investment in Amazon logistics. After the increase in distribution costs, its logistics costs are still lower than the industry average.

It is understood that Amazon has continued to increase logistics this year and has been able to undertake half of the parcel distribution services in the United States. The platform expects that its self-built logistics network will deliver more than 3.5 billion customer packages worldwide this year.

In the near future, Amazon has also reached a cooperation with Sun City Aviation to further expand its aviation network. With its continuous development in the logistics field, Amazon will also provide consumers with increasingly high-quality logistics service experiences in the future.



2020-08-07 1400

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