DHL International Express will increase freight rate from January 2020!

It is reported that DHL Express recently announced that starting in January next year, the company will increase freight rate in multiple markets around the world.

The freight rate adjustment involves major markets in Germany, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Among them, the domestic and international freight rates for most customers in Germany will increase by 4.9%, and the price may be higher depending on the volume, weight, and destination; in Europe, the freight rates in Austria and Sweden will increase by 4.9% on average. Spain increased by 3.9%, Poland increased by 5.9%; in the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Singapore, the average increase will reach 4.9%. In addition, the average freight price in the Indian market will rise by 6.9%.

DHL indicates that cross-border e-commerce freight prices may increase by up to 15% due to the increase in delivery costs.

It is understood that as a world-renowned express company, DHL Express continues to strengthen the construction of basic logistics services this year. In March of this year, the company launched the "Quality Action" and invested 150 million euros to improve the German mail and parcel network. In October this year, it also announced planing to add 3,000 self-service parcel stations across Germany in the next two years.

In addition, DHL also participated in the second China International Import Expo for the first time, demonstrating its worldwide promotion of the logistics model of completing the first and last mile delivery by bicycle.

This adjustment of freight rate is also the company's practice, and it adjusts prices every year based on inflation and currency dynamics.

Markus Reckling, general manager of DHL Express Germany, said that DHL has been investing heavily in its international network. The annual price adjustment will enable the company to further strengthen its infrastructure construction and ensure that it provides customers with first-class logistics solutions.

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