Notification for August Fuel surcharge Adjustment

Dear Customer,
From 1th  August .2013, some of express service fuel surcharge will be adjustment as below:
1)HKDHL fuel surcharge adjust to 21% with effective from 1th  August  2013; 

2)HKUPS fuel surcharge adjust to 16% with effective from 1th  August  2013; 

3)FEDEX fuel surcharge adjust to 17% with effective from 1th  August  2013 (no Security fee); 

4) ARAMEX fuel surcharge adiust to 19% with effective from 1th  August  2013;

5)TNT fuel surcharge adiust to 19% with effective from 1th  August   2013; 

Thanks for you always great supports to PFCexpress!
PFCexpress Ltd.
1th  August  .2013

2020-08-06 1562

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