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bpost International is a top 5 worldwide international postal player, rewarded for its quality and experts in Europa as well as globally present

Market reality

Consequently : in some EU countries up to 100% of the Asia import (packages/mail) is subject to more strict customs controls
= delays in transit time
= opening and closure of parcels
= dissatisfied customers
Bpost decided to help
EU Customs and Asia e-tailers
by providing a “low value shipments green lane”

The mini LVS process
•E-tailer shipments are picked up by bpost service provider
•Service provider sorts the parcels and forwards to Belgium
•Belgium bpost Customs clearance Team clears parcels
•bpost distributing center injects parcels into the postal flow

Products requirements Ⅱ
Value parcel <22 euro
•The value of the goods paid by the customer, excluding shipment costs have to be below 22 Euros!
•If Customs doubts the true value, the parcel will be stopped and may check (via website, direct contact)

Customs clearance
Our Relationship with Customs
•The relationship with Customs worldwide, directly impacting the day to day operations of bpost, is highly valued by bpost.
•E-tailers declaring their shipments with bpost, yet failing to respect the agreed terms as mentioned in our operational guide, are in breach of the contract.
•If, upon inspection by bpost employees or any State Body, a parcel is found to be undervalued, counterfeited or in any other breach of the requirements mentioned in this guide, the contract will instantly be terminated, including a return of all shipments in process at e-tailers’ cost.

Track & Trace scan points
CN : entering into system : ~“Your parcel is ready to be shipped” ~
CN : scanpoint upon leaving the warehouse for transport to airport
CN : scanpoint upon handover to airfreight
EMC : arrival and departure
X : postal exchange office

Transit Times : faster than Postal

Our shipment to EU under airfreight vs postal = guaranteed faster!

No customs delay!

Our network much faster = world top 3 player

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