UK Mail adds data service to its hybrid mail platform

UK Mail adds data service to its hybrid mail platform

Friday, July 27th, 2012

UK Mail Group has launched a new data service as part of its hybrid mail brand, imail.

The new “imail data” service will aim to help businesses with their direct marketing campaigns by offering consumer data for purchase.

The Birmingham-based company said its new service emphasised the need for targeted, relevant campaigns reaching the right addresses for mailings to achieve the best economic returns.

Citing research from Research by Mail Print, it said 40% of consumers try a new business after receiving direct mail, with 70% renewing relationships with businesses after receiving direct mail.

Andy Barber, general manager at imail, said his customers had already been seeing a 12% increase in sales thanks to their direct marketing campaigns, so it was “only right” to develop the service further, offering all the tools needed to get the most out of a campaign.

The firm has partnered with consumer data company Callcredit Information Group to make use of its database of 43m UK prospects.


The new service offers a simple online search tool for accessing the database, with purchased data that can then be used through the imail system to send out postcards or letters.

UK Mail said the service would also offer a free audit of customers’ existing databases.

“Having the right data is essential. Prospects are far more willing to respond to direct mail that they feel is relevant to them,” he said.

“imail data will build on our direct marketing platform and will give businesses the chance to purchase tailored data for their specific campaigns which in turn will improve response rates. With the data health check we are able to analyse businesses’ existing data and provide a report showing how it can be more effective.”

UK Mail launched imail back in 2008, offering cost savings of up to 50% compared to First Class mail delivery. The service allows users to create, proof, print and post letters, postcards and other marketing materials direct from a laptop or desktop computer.

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