Postal Digest – News from Royal Mail, USPS, Neopost and Bra

Postal Digest – News from Royal Mail, USPS, Neopost and Brazil Post

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Rounding up some more of the latest news around the postal world, with USPS launching a flat-rate Express Mail envelope, Royal Mail campaigning about dogs, Brazil Post in talks with union…

Royal Mail and union urge householders to control dogs

Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union have launched a campaign appealing to UK dog owners to keep their pets under control when mail is being delivered.

More than 3,100 postmen and women were attacked in the UK in the year up to April 2012, and Royal Mail said attacks usually peak during the summer holidays. The company is handing out 90,000 “posting pegs” to mail carriers to protect fingers when they put letters through letterboxes. Tougher sentencing laws for owners of dangerous dogs come into affect in the UK from 20th August.

Ian Stockdale, head of health and safety management for Royal Mail, said his company has spent more than GBP 100,000 on awareness campaigns about dogs. “Even just being threatened by an unrestrained pet is a frightening situation for our delivery staff, and we would appeal to owners to keep their pets under control, especially if they know their pets have a territorial nature,” he said.

USPS launches flat-rate Express Mail padded envelope

The US Postal Service has launched a new option to its line-up of flat-rate Express Mail products – a padded envelope.

The Express Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope, measuring 9.5 inches by 12.5 inches, is available from 2nd August, for the sending of merchandise requiring a little extra protection as it is delivered overnight anywhere in the US for $17.75.

Gary Reblin, the vice president of domestic products at USPS said flat-rate pricing would help with predictable shipping costs. He said: “It’s a great option for shippers who need to get lightweight items to their destination overnight because it offers businesses and consumers the great combination of convenience, speed and value.”

Neopost to provide franking machines for UK universities

Neopost has been chosen as one of four approved suppliers to provide franking machines for a group of universities and colleges in the UK.

The three-year framework agreement with the National Postal and Distribution Group of higher education is worth up to GBP 5m a year, with Neopost promising significant savings and efficiencies for customers in return.

“The benefits that can be derived from the agreement are fully aligned with the need to increase procurement efficiencies and protect the public purse,” said Neopost UK in a statement.

Brazil Post to begin union talks

Brazil’s postal union umbrella group, Fentect, met with management of Brazil Post last week to begin the process of negotiating a new labour deal.

The Federation of Workers in Post and Telegraph Companies said the meeting saw disagreement over the timetable for negotiations, with Brazil Post insisting on holding full contract talks throughout next week, while Fentect demanded extra time to formulate their demands.

The union said meetings with management are now set to take place from 2nd August to 5th September.

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