Swiss Post provides digital ID for two municipalities

Swiss Post provides digital ID for two municipalities

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Swiss Post is now working with two local authorities in Switzerland to provide them digital connections with their residents.

From the beginning of June, Jura canton has been offering a “virtual counter” service using Swiss Post’s Post SuisseID digital authentication and identity service to register users.

And, also last month, the commune of Kerzers in Fribourg introduced a new digital account system called eKonto, which also uses the Post SuisseID system.

“Administrative councils are becoming more efficient and more customer-oriented,” said Swiss Post today. “The virtual counter facilitates administration, saves time and increases interaction between administrative councils and citizens through forums or subscription services, surveys, polls or eParticipation. eGovernment makes an important contribution to improving the quality of a location.”


The Jura system uses Swiss Post’s technology to provide a secure authentication and log-in for an online platform that offers citizens access to municipal services including pension payment notifications, tax office information, and the management of appointments for road license applications.

Other services available through the virtual counter include applications for hunting and fishing licenses, and Swiss Post said additional services are on their way for Jura residents.

The web service was developed by the Jura canton’s IT department in partnership with the Artionet Web Agency.


The new eKonto system provides residents of Kerzers with a personal digital account, accessible via Post SuisseID, through which they can verify their contact details and access local government services.

Users of the service can sign up for various alerts and news services, control their data and view invoices. The commune said it was offering the SuisseID security, with a value of CHF 98 for free for its citizens who will access it using a USB flash drive. The Jura project is also currently offering SuisseID for free.

Swiss Post said further development of the Kerzers project is ongoing with its partner on the project, Schlieren-based IT firm Ruf Informatik Ltd.

The commune said it believed the potential for further eKonto applications was huge, as it continues to meet the needs of its citizens.

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