FedEx Express launches 777F flights from China to Germany

FedEx Express launches 777F flights from China to Germany

Monday, July 16th, 2012

FedEx Express has launched two new flights from China to its hub on Cologne, Germany, including its first direct flight from Guangzhou to Europe.

The company is using two Boeing 777 Freighters to connect Shanghai and Guangzhou with Cologne, with both routes offering five weekly flights from Tuesday through Saturday.

FedEx said the new routes will meet the growing demand for capacity between China and Europe, with the 777 offering a fuel-efficient transport option with lower carbon emissions than equivalent aircraft.

China is Europe’s second largest trading partner, with around EUR 105.6bn in trade between the two during the first quarter of 2012.

Wilson Chung, the vice president of international express for FedEx Express China, said of the new routes: “It provides more capacity for our international express services from China to Europe and helps promote international trade between the two economies.”

FedEx completed an expansion project at its Shanghai Gateway, located at Shanghai Putong International Airport, last month. The company launched its first 777F service from the hub in early 2010, connecting with its Suber Hub in Memphis, USA.

The company currently has four of the high-capacity aircraft connecting China to the US and Europe.

The aircraft has a payload capacity of about 81 metric tonnes, and a range of 5,800 nautical miles (6,675 land miles). FedEx said it meant a 14,000 pound improvement in cargo capacity and 2,100 nautical mile improvement in range compared to the MD-11 aircraft, along with an 18% better fuel consumption

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