GLS extends Baltic parcel partnership with Itella

GLS extends Baltic parcel partnership with Itella

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Parcel delivery company GLS group has expanded its export partnership with Finland’s Itella Group to include delivery in Lithuania and Latvia.

The Amsterdam-based company has been working with Itella in the two Baltic states since the start of this month, building on a relationship that began with cooperation in Estonia from 2009.

GLS said as its network partner in the Baltics, Itella has a distribution network in all three countries with a central hub in Kaunas, Lithuania, where GLS packages will first enter the Baltic states.

From Kaunas, packages for Latvia will then be routed via the Itella Logistics Hub in Lielvarzi, Riga, while items for Estonia will be routed via Tallinn.

GLS customers can use the new connection to the Baltic States through the Euro Business-Parcel and the Euro Business-Small Parcel services, with a transit time of around three to four days from Germany. Direct delivery is also possible through the Pick&Return-Service and the Pick&Ship-Service.

“By combining with Itella for parcel logistics in the Baltic States, we offer our customers a high quality and consistent performance,” said Saadi Al-Soudani, managing director at GLS. “The direct connection to the central hub in Kaunas has further advantages. For example, an additional handling of the packets is avoided and there are synergies in the long-distance transport. This makes transportation safer and economically – in the spirit of all involved. ”

Itella Logistics has more than 7,000 logistics staff serving customers in eight countries in Northern Europe and Russia, while its environmental management system, including ISO 14001 certification, including in the three Baltic states, helps GLS pursue its group-wide environmental initiative Think Green.

GLS said it was “on the same wavelength” with Itella regarding environmental concerns.

“Our common goal is to offer international customers a reliable and fast worldwide delivery to,” said Al-Soudani. “The partnership with Itella Logistics OÜ in Estonia has proven itself and we are delighted to be extending our relationship.”

GLS Group’s network covers 42 European countries, transporting 363m packages in 2011.

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