Estonian Air to add flights on Brussels-Tallinn route up to

Estonian Air to add flights on Brussels-Tallinn route up to 11 flights a week
Source: Brussels Airport

From 26 March Estonian Air improves the flight schedule for both business and leisure travelers by increasing frequencies on Brussels-Tallinn route up to double daily flights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and once a day on Sunday evenings.

„We want to be there where our customers are and Brussels is the heart of Europe where the air traffic is one of the busiest. The successful cooperation with our good partner Brussels Airlines has even more increased the demand and also made Brussels airport an important transfer point,“ said Rauno Parras, the Chief Commercial Officer of Estonian Air.

“On Brussels-Tallinn route demand has always been high, so far coming mainly from business travelers but recently we have also seen growth in leisure travelers who fly to Brussels for a weekend to enjoy its vivid city life and culture. The growth has partially come from passengers who use the Light-ticket,” added Parras.

Jos Stroobants, Director Aviation Development at Brussels Airport points out the advantage of a double daily flight. “Travelers can now fly to Tallinn on two daily flights, giving an optimal early morning and late afternoon schedule for business. The flight offers many extra seats for leisure passengers to explore the beautiful city of Tallinn, a Unesco World Heritage site”.

Estonian Air recently introduced new pricing structure with attractive and affordable fares. For example, Light-ticket is meant for passengers who need only hand-luggage for their trip and that enables them to fly much cheaper.
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