What services can cross-border cloud warehouses provide to sellers?

Cross border cloud warehouse is a very familiar professional third-party warehouse management term for cross-border e-commerce sellers. With the support of cloud warehouse management technology, cross-border cloud warehouses have become an indispensable partner for sellers, providing them with comprehensive services and support.

It is said that cloud warehouses have a wide range of services, but what are the main services that cross-border cloud warehouses can provide?

Collecting quality inspection goods on behalf of others

Cross border cloud warehouses usually provide services for collecting quality inspection goods on behalf of others. This service not only ensures the quality of the goods, but also effectively reduces the seller's risk. A professional team conducts quality inspections on the goods to ensure that they comply with standards and regulations, effectively reducing after-sales disputes and return rates, and ensuring the shopping experience of cross-border buyers.

30 days of free storage

Providing 30 days of free storage is a major advantage of cross-border cloud warehouses. This service provides sellers with sufficient time to manage their inventory without worrying about inventory backlog issues. During the free warehousing period, sellers have more flexibility and time to sell products, improving capital turnover efficiency.

One package for shipping

Cross border cloud warehouses provide a packaging and shipping service to centrally package and ship sellers' products. This simplifies the shipping process, reduces logistics costs, and improves efficiency. By merging shipments of multiple orders, transportation costs can be reduced and sellers can save time and effort.

Intelligent recommendation suitable for transportation channels

Cross border cloud warehouses utilize technological advantages to intelligently recommend suitable transportation channels. Provide the best logistics solution for sellers based on product attributes, destination, and other factors. This personalized suggestion can help sellers choose the most economical and effective transportation method, improving logistics efficiency.

Professional after-sales customer service

Good after-sales service is crucial for cross-border e-commerce. Cross border cloud warehouse provides a professional after-sales customer service team to handle order tracking, return and exchange matters, and customer inquiries. This ensures that buyers receive quick response and problem resolution during the shopping process, enhancing cross-border buyers' trust in the seller.

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What services can cross-border cloud warehouses provide to sellers?
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