Cross-border dropshipping fulfillment warehousing inspection service process

For Dropshipper, it is a necessary link to conduct simple quantity verification after product procurement. This can effectively detect whether the product is damaged or substandard, thereby improving the overall satisfaction of customers purchasing products.

For Dropshippers that use cross-border cloud warehouse warehouses to deliver goods, it is particularly important whether the warehouse can provide the necessary quantity and quality inspection. Today we use the warehousing inspection service process provided by PFC fulfillment warehousing and delivery service to dispel Dropshipper's concerns about this issue. The warehousing service guidance process after PFC fulfillment’s free door-to-door pickup is as follows:

1: When the customer needs to mail items abroad, first confirm the order requirement with PFC fulfillment customer service. The customer service staff will guide the customer 1to1 to complete the door-to-door pickup of the items. This service is free throughout Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Yiwu without any fees. Beware of being deceived.

2: Door-to-door pick-up personnel complete the pick-up. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Yiwu provide free door-to-door pick-up services. Other regions can enjoy postal subsidy services. Customers who mail from other places need to copy and paste the express tracking number to the corresponding position of the PFC fulfillment customer order. The tracking number information will be updated in time, and customers can complete the inquiry of warehouse information without contacting customer service.

3: The goods will arrive at the warehouse of PFC fulfillment Shenzhen headquarters within the scheduled date. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, the staff will process the packages for the customers in the order of arrival and check whether there are any contraband (very important). If contraband is found, the customer will be contacted and the item will be returned.

4: After the goods arrive at the PFC fulfillment warehouse, the quantity of the delivered goods will be checked. If the goods or quantity are found to be inconsistent with the declaration, the customer will be contacted for confirmation as soon as possible. Afterwards, a special person will carry out a basic inventory of the goods and upload them to the system. Customers can check the photos of the physical map of the goods in the system order.

5: After completing the package inspection and classification of the goods within the scope of the customer's permission, enter the goods information into the customer's goods name list, and determine the storage location for the customer according to the characteristics and types of the goods.

6: In case of temporary damage to the customer's goods, or the need to return or exchange the goods, the customer service will contact the customer to return the goods according to the original route according to the needs.

Reminder: PFC fulfillment provides customizable simple quality inspection services to customers in need. All quality inspection processes and standards can be carried out according to the standards provided by customers. At the same time, we provide customization of personalized packaging to make your product packaging unique. Consult PFC fulfillment customer service staff for details.

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