PFC fulfillment provides professional cross-border warehousing and delivery services

PFC fulfillment is a leading cross-border cloud warehousing supply chain service company, committed to providing comprehensive warehousing and logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Among them, PFC fulfillment's warehouse goods warehousing inspection in Shenzhen, China, order sorting and packaging processing, one-piece consignment and intelligent recommendation of cross-border transportation channel services are its special areas of expertise. First of all, PFC fulfillment provides professional goods inspection services. Its team is composed of experienced inspection experts, which can ensure that the quality of all inbound goods meets the requirements of customers. PFC fulfillment can also provide customers with customs declaration documents and other related services to ensure that goods pass customs inspection smoothly.

Secondly, PFC fulfillment provides fast and efficient order processing services. The company's team can help customers process orders and ensure that orders are successfully completed within the specified time. In addition, PFC fulfillment can also provide logistics tracking services to ensure that goods reach customers smoothly.

In addition, PFC fulfillment also provides a consignment service. This service can help customers save the tedious work of packing and mailing goods, and make it more convenient and efficient.

Finally, PFC fulfillment provides intelligent recommendation of cross-border transportation channels. The company's professional team can intelligently recommend the most suitable cross-border transportation channels according to customers' needs and budgets. This can not only ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods, but also maximize the cost of transportation for customers.

The goods to be warehoused will be checked by professional staff. The goods will be sorted, sorted and put on the shelf according to the category characteristics, checked and labeled according to the customer's SKU management requirements, and the daily quantity of goods will be counted, and synchronized to the corresponding customer information database for query in real time.

After the customer completes the order, the customer can make a one-click forecast on the order. After receiving the forecast information, PFC fulfillment will distribute and pack the goods according to the order, weigh and prepare the document, calculate the exact cost, and then enter the cost hedging verification phase, and charge for shipment.

After the goods are sent by PFC fulfillment Preferred Logistics, the logistics information of the goods will be automatically followed up, the logistics track tracking information will be synchronized in real time, and the brief information will be displayed after each order. This greatly facilitates the query work.

PFC fulfillment also meets the cross-border logistics needs of independent station sellers (Shopify, Shopyy, Ueshop, Magento, etc.), eBay, Amazon, Wish, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, Vova, Coupang, Express, and other platform sellers, as well as foreign trade factories, offline foreign traders, overseas purchasers, such as transit warehousing, transshipment, and order consignment.

In general, PFC fulfillment is a professional, efficient and safe cloud warehousing service company. It provides services such as goods inspection, order processing, one-piece consignment and intelligent recommendation of cross-border transportation channels, which can help customers solve various logistics and warehousing problems and improve their work efficiency and economic benefits. Therefore, if you need professional cross-border cloud warehousing and delivery service, PFC fulfillment is your best choice.

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