What are the delivery channels for cross-border cloud warehouse dropshipping?

Cross-border e-commerce sellers now choose more and more cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing and delivery services, and how to choose a suitable service provider is largely determined by the international logistics and transportation channels that the service provider can provide, whether it can meet its own requirements in terms of timeliness and cost.

Most of the services provided by cloud warehouse warehousing service providers on the market will almost always include cargo transportation services. International logistics is a very large and complex industry, without sufficient strength and investment, it is difficult to have in-depth research and insights. For this reason, the vast majority of cloud warehouse service providers will outsource this service to third-party logistics service providers, which is also a helpless move.

PFC fulfillment itself is based on international express and international air freight line as a strong backup support. In terms of international logistics and transportation, PFC fulfillment is undoubtedly one of the few cross-border cloud warehouse service providers with its own international logistics supply chain in the market with both strength and professional experience.

PFC fulfillment is a first-class agent of DHL, UPS, FedEx, ARAMEX, Toll Global Express and other well-known international courier companies, first-hand high-quality receiving channels, the receipt price is as low as 2.4-4% of the official announced price all year round, the price is open and transparent without any hidden fees.

PFC fulfillment international shipping channels include, but are not limited to, the following:

International express delivery

DHL International Express (Hong Kong DHL, Hong Kong DHL-Special, Hong Kong DHL-Standard, Hong Kong DHL Priority, UK DHL Line).

UPS International Express (Hong Kong UPS, Hong Kong UPS-Red Order, Hong Kong UPS Blue Order-6000, Hong Kong UPS Red Order-6000).

FedEx International Express (Shenzhen Federal IP, Shenzhen Federal IE, Shenzhen FedEx Bag, Hong Kong Fedex-Standard IP, Hong Kong Fedex-Standard lE).

International EMS Express

EMS International Express (Shenzhen EMS, Guangzhou EMS, Guangzhou E Express, Hong Kong EMS, Singapore EMS, Netherlands EMS).

International dedicated line

The international lines currently provided by PFC fulfillment are: Sino-US special line, American special line, Canada special line, European special line, British special line, German special line, Poland special line, Spain special line, Italy special line, Brazil special line, Australia special line, Japan special line, Japan Sagawa small packet, Russia special line and other international air logistics special lines. Fully meet the free choice range of cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers.

PFC fulfillment has reached long-term strategic cooperation with China Post, China Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, Dutch Post, Deutsche Post, France Post, Australia Post, United States Post and many other international postal enterprises, postal international logistics channels cover international EMS, international small packets, international E postal treasure, first-hand high-quality receiving channels, the receiving price is as low as 4-8% off the official announced price all year round,  and the price, channel, service advantages are significant.

Postal small parcel category

Shenzhen registered packet, Guangzhou registered packet, Guangdong special package, Hong Kong Post packet, Wish online packet, Harbin registered packet;  Shenzhen E Post Treasure, Guangzhou E Post Treasure, Foshan E Post Treasure, Hong Kong E Post Treasure.

Postal packet/E parcel: Dutch packet, DHL-German packet, French packet, Australian packet;  New Post, Biyoubo, Swiss E, DHL-E, Sagawa Packet.

Postal big bags: China big bags, Hong Kong big bags, Dutch big bags.

PFC fulfillment integrates high-quality logistics resources, constantly improves and improves, and launches more than 20 high-quality international special line logistics channels that efficiently and directly reach Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America and other regions, providing cost-effective, high stability, fast timeliness, diversified and personalized international special line logistics solutions for personal needs,  cross-border e-commerce and export foreign trade traders.

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