What are the packaging standards for cross-border cloud warehouse dropshipping?

Many friends who use cross-border cloud warehouse storage and dropshipping have been worried about whether the packaging is qualified, because good packaging will make the goods better protected, and for the recipient, the finished and protective outer packaging will also leave a very good impression. Now let's take a look at how PFC fulfillment packs goods.

1. Outer packaging

1) The outermost packaging is preferably a harder hard plastic or stronger corrugated box.

2) The sealing of the carton or the outside of the carton should be reinforced with a firm broadband seal, and the package tied with rope does not meet the regulations and requirements.

3) Packaging materials can be reused, but if the appearance of the packaging box is damaged, wrinkled, water stains, oil stains, etc., it cannot be reused. Pay special attention not to leave old labels on used cartons to avoid misunderstandings and misdelivery.

2. Internal packaging

1) Items are scattered inside the box, gaps must be filled to protect the items. If the sound of items colliding can be heard in the box, the packaging is substandard.

2)Finely crushed items (such as: small accessories, nails, screws, etc.) The bag should be wrapped and then placed in the box to damage the rabbit box and cause it to be lost.  

3) The item must be packed with leak-proof packaging, and it is best to use absorbent materials to package outside the leak-proof packaging.

The above is PFC fulfillment's packaging requirements for goods, for more special channels, please consult PFC fulfillment online customer service. PFC fulfillment provides free door-to-door pick-up service in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, and door-to-door pick-up service in Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and other regions, depending on the situation.

1. Requirements for packaging materials

When using packaging materials, general items must use strong, lightweight and durable packaging materials. Common packaging materials are cartons, bubble envelopes, neutral express bags, cardboards, etc., and each packaging material has different specifications. You need to choose according to the type of your items.

2.  Packaging shape requirements

The shape of the packaging should be suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, and ensure that on the basis of reasonable packaging, it is convenient for the handling, stacking, loading and unloading of the goods.

3.  Filler requirements

Some items have a large interior space and will be filled with some fillers to prevent the items from shaking. Therefore, international express delivery also has requirements for fillers. The filler should not use materials that are easy to leak, such as wood chips, paper scraps, etc.

4: For valuables or goods that require fragile items and need to be fixed, it is necessary to use stronger packaging materials to ensure the safety of the goods. It needs to be protected by means of a wooden frame.  In addition to this, inside the package, it needs to be filled with soft filler to prevent the item from shaking and threatening the transportation safety of the item.

For the packaging method of the wooden frame, many friends who need to mail international couriers do not know how to pack, or even where to buy packaging materials. But don't worry, choose PFC fulfillment's free packaging service, PFC fulfillment will carry out special packaging of the goods according to the customer's requirements. For more information, please contact PFC fulfillment customer service consultation.

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