Is it really cheaper to ship goods on behalf of cloud warehouses than to ship goods by sellers themselves?

In the cross-border e-commerce industry, cloud warehouse delivery has become the choice of many sellers, mainly because it can save more money than sellers' self delivery.

In today's fiercely competitive e-commerce market, many sellers hope to minimize their costs in order to gain an advantage in competition. In this situation, cloud warehouse consignment has gradually become a new shipping method, as it can help sellers reduce logistics costs to a certain extent. But is it really cheaper for cloud warehouse to ship on behalf of the seller than for self shipping? This article will provide you with an answer.

Today, taking PFC fulfillment as an example, this article will introduce whether cross-border cloud warehouse consignment is really more cost-effective than seller self shipment.

Firstly, the operational cost of cloud warehouse consignment is very low. Taking PFC fulfillment as an example, the operating cost of sending a single attribute order is only 1 RMB. Assuming 100 orders are generated today, the operating cost of PFC fulfillment is only 100 yuan. In contrast, if one operates by their own warehouse staff, the cost may be many times higher than this cost. This means that using cloud warehouse for shipping can greatly reduce sellers' logistics costs.

Secondly, cloud warehouse delivery also has more advantages in package transportation. Due to the large package volume of PFC fulfillment's overall customer base, it will greatly reduce the cost of the same logistics and transportation channel. Meanwhile, PFC fulfillment will recommend and lower the most suitable transportation channels and fees for cooperating cross-border e-commerce sellers. In this way, cooperating e-commerce sellers can not only save on logistics costs, but also improve the competitiveness of their products.

In addition, cloud warehouse delivery also provides a series of value-added services, such as 60 days of free warehousing and storage, no minimum usage, one piece shipping, labeling and changing, designated product procurement and payment, customized packaging and logo labels, etc. These services can be freely customized to meet the needs of customers. These services can not only improve the logistics efficiency of sellers, but also reduce logistics costs, thereby better meeting customer needs.

All PFC fulfillment services are aimed at global users and are not limited by national or regional restrictions. This means that if you need cross-border shipping services, you can confidently contact PFC fulfillment and use their services.

PFC fulfillment is committed to serving global cross-border e-commerce platform sellers (Shopify, Shopyy, Shopee, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Wish, magento, Walmart, wix, Etsy, Shopline, Costco, cdiscount, joom, cougang, Dunhuang) to provide full chain logistics supply chain services. Simultaneously meeting the needs of traditional trade, offline factory overseas order transportation, the initiation and landing of overseas crowdfunding projects, and overseas dropshipping services for traders' goods transportation and consignment.

Cross border e-commerce cloud warehouse consignment has advantages in logistics costs and value-added services, which can better meet customer needs.Therefore, if you are an e-commerce seller, you may consider using PFC fulfillment services to save logistics costs and improve product competitiveness.

So, self shipping by the seller is not a cost-effective shipping method, it may increase the seller's costs and management difficulties. On the contrary, cloud warehouse consignment may provide better service quality and lower costs, thereby better meeting customer needs and enhancing the seller's reputation and competitiveness.

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