How does e-commerce cloud warehouse operate shipment?

Cross border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing is a centralized and intelligent warehousing management solution that can help e-commerce enterprises manage warehousing and logistics processes more efficiently.Shipping is one of the most important links in e-commerce warehousing and logistics.Here is a typical e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping operation process:

1: Import cloud warehouse product information: Import product information into the management system of the cloud warehouse, including product name, quantity, specifications, packaging, and other information to facilitate verification when receiving goods into the warehouse.

2: Goods warehousing: Cross border e-commerce sellers send goods to cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies.The cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies will scan and register the goods, conduct simple quality inspection, and then classify and store them on shelves.

3: Order processing: When a cross-border e-commerce seller generates an order, the cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping company will provide picking and distribution services for the order based on the order details, and provide integrated packaging services. Cross border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies will recommend the most suitable cross-border logistics and transportation service channels based on various factors such as the characteristics, size, volume, and weight of the goods.

4: Logistics delivery: Cross border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies will deliver the integrated and packaged goods to logistics transportation service providers to meet the transportation cost, timeliness, and safety requirements of cross-border e-commerce sellers to the greatest extent possible.

5: Warehousing services: Cross border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies provide free warehousing services for a certain period of time to help cross-border e-commerce sellers reduce storage costs.

6: Cross border cloud warehouse warehousing and shipping companies not only provide the above services, but also provide additional value-added services according to the needs of e-commerce enterprises and sellers, such as customization of product packaging, printing and posting of SKU labels, detailed product quality inspection, and logo design.

PFC fulfillment provides a one-stop cross-border logistics delivery service, specifically designed for customers with export logistics needs. This service includes 30 days of free warehousing, one piece shipping for each platform order, package splitting, package merging, packaging, labeling, product quality inspection, photography, and more.It covers all aspects of cross-border logistics and provides customers with comprehensive support.

PFC fulfillment has a professional service team to provide you with timely on-site pickup services, inquiry services, claim settlement services, handling pre port and post port problematic items, as well as various unexpected situations in cross-border logistics (such as customs related issues such as goods being detained by customs and requiring customs clearance procedures); Adopting a modern logistics system, it can interface with various mainstream ERP systems to achieve one-stop filtering, querying, forecasting, problem-solving, claims processing, and other full process operations, ensuring the safe arrival of your mailed goods at the destination.

If you are in Shenzhen, Dongguan,Guangzhou, Yiwu and other places, you can go to the branch of PFC fulfillment or make an appointment for free door-to-door delivery. If you are in other cities without door-to-door delivery services, you can choose domestic express delivery to ship the goods to Shenzhen and enjoy preferential and convenient cross-border international transportation services.

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