Parcel from China:The Best Dropshipping Fulfillment Centers in China

Imagine being able deliver products directly from China’s factory straight to your customers in Europe, America, and Asia. This dream can be made a reality with the help of fulfillment centers in Hong Kong or Mainland China. They will store, pack, and ship your products directly.

As everyone in the industry knows, Dropshipping products are 90% Chinese. If you want to make dropshipping a success, then you must start looking for suppliers.Your products will therefore also be shipped from China.

Dropshipping companies with many sales can make it difficult for dropshippers keep track of all orders. A fulfillment center will be required to help you with any logistics issues.Because your suppliers are also present in China, your fulfillment center will be there as well.

Many benefits can be gained from working with Chinese dropshipping suppliers or fulfillment centers.

1.You can increase your order volume by A fulfillment center is a way to speed up order processing and track your shipments.

2.To increase customer trust, you can label your products and make a custom package.

3.Manage your Returns: Dropshipping via Aliexpress or another platform will result in the item being lost forever if the customer returns it. You can store the product in your warehouse with the help of a fulfillment center so you can sell it again.

4.Stock up: Sometimes it’s necessary to buy stock during rapid product growth or special periods like Black Friday. This will prevent any problems. Dropshipping suppliers can’t guarantee that their stock will be finished. You will have orders, but no products, if this happens.

Fulfillment centers are not necessary if you are a small dropshipper. You can still work with Chinese suppliers.

Once you start to make a profit, scaling your business will become easier if fulfillment centers are used.

Fulfillment centers provide e-commerce merchants with storage and shipping services. Online businesses can operate without the need to store or rent warehouse space.Sellers and e-commerce merchants can send inventory directly to the fulfillment centre, where it is then shipped to their customers.

Many fulfillment centers can integrate with e-commerce platforms or marketplaces such as Amazon. Merchants can manage their inventory and ship products much easier thanks to this integration.

Best Dropshipping Fulfillment Centers in China

Parcel From China (PFC Express) have created our services to provide you with the best end-to-end order fulfillment solutions available from China.

As a leading tech-powered fulfillment company in China, PFC owns shenzhen Fulfillment Center and Dongguan Fulfilment Center, utilizes smart software to provide simple and reliable China warehouse fulfillment service for e-commerce businesses, dropshipping businesses and crowdfunding projects.

PFC are committed to providing a secure warehouse, efficient fulfillment, diverse packing options, flexible shipping solutions and other value-added services to help you enhance your business with less time and money.

With over 6000㎡ storage space in Shenzhen, Dongguan (China) and automated equipment, PFC can warehouse your products safely, process orders and prepare shipments speedily.

Order fulfillment will start after your goods are placed in our China warehouse. When your customers worldwide place an order in your online store, they all want to receive them as soon as possible. But how can you meet their expectations and yet control your cost? An automated order fulfillment system is needed.

In order to meet the diversified logistics needs of cross-border sellers, PFC adheres to the customer-centric approach, integrates high-quality flights resources, and works closely with major international express and postal companies to launch a series of fast, efficient and safe cross-border B2C e-commerce dedicated lines, international express , postal services, and FBA Prep services.PFC e-commerce logistics routes cover 200 regions and countries around the world, including emerging markets and remote areas. Daily flights ensure delivery of e-commerce orders on time, and even during peak season.

Why choose PFC's China Fulfillment Center Services

1. Safe China warehouse: 30-day free storage

2. Order fulfillment: Syncing Orders, Pick & Pack, Shipping, Tracking Orders and Handling Returns

3. International package deilivery: customized logistics solutions to ship your products from China to 200+ Countries.

4. Added-on service such as purchasing and import services, etc.

Automatic Fulfillment Process

Auto-sync incoming orders from all e-commerce Stores.

Preset auto shipping rules to optimize budget.

With fully automated equipment, more than 500,000 orders will be shipped out in 24H...

Leading the Industry in Service Level

Over 15 years of order fulfillment in china, serving 1000+ e-commerce sellers and crowdfunding sponsor, PFC can easily respond to various emergencies of China e-commerce fulfillment, China crowdfunding fulfillment and China dropshipping fulfillment.

There are sufficient logistics resources to provide more shipping services for you.

Providing tailored China fulfillment solution for you from your dedicated customer manager.

No Hidden Fees

There are only three simple types of fees.

Storage: Fees are decreasing as your shipments increase.

Pick & Pack: Take items from inventory and place them in a package to shipment.

Shipment: Depend on the speed and budget you choose, PFC can provide you a custom order fulfillment logistics solution.

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