What is e-Commerce Dropshipping and How Does it Work?

E-commerce has left in-store purchases in the dust, and in its bolt to the forefront of the retail market, it brought terminology and methods of industry. If you’re a bit stuck trying to understand Dropshipping services, then PFC Express can help you out.

Our company is built around streamlining the world of online retail so that experts can do better every day. If you’re looking to cut yourself a lucrative slice of this market, then our teams can help you find sourcing companies and agents in China, and much more. We have an extensive network of industry contacts and many e-commerce fulfillment services.

While this market has plenty of profits to go around, it’s still competitive, and the key to being a solid market player is keeping up with the shifting landscape. Set up a meeting with our expert team, and we can send you regular updates and insights to keep your e-commerce businesses growing by the day.

Dropshipping is when a company acts as an intermediary between the seller and the customer. After product sourcing, an e-commerce business would sell said products online. This means that they don’t keep what they sell in stock.

Why Do Businesses Opt For Dropshipping?

Partnering with a Dropshipping service can open a supplier up to a much larger customer base. Maybe even global. Many sourcing companies and agents in China help Chinese businesses sell overseas, which means more profits for everyone involved.

Finding the best Dropshipping supplier for your company is a critical step. If you choose the right one, your business operations will run smoothly, your customers will be happy, you can quickly build your brand. A lot rests on making good choices so there are definitely a few things for you to consider as you navigate the selection process. Even if you already know what products you’re going to sell, that doesn’t mean you should agree to work with the first supplier you find who sells your products. You want to be 100% of the supplier you are selecting in order to give your brand the best chance of succeeding.

1. Your Product Type

Obviously, you want to find a supplier that already specializes, or at least makes the products you want to sell. Using a supplier that has never made your products before will not only slow the process down as they must trial and error the production, but the quality might not be what you want. Always stick with a supplier that has experience with manufacturing your products, you can check this by reviews, website or contacting a 3PL.

2. Contact

During the contact stage, make sure you ask questions about their manufacturing process, timelines, prices, legal requirements, etc. You should absolutely get the full picture of who they are and what you can expect working with them before you officially sign to use them. During this process, while you can ask questions, be patient and don’t be rude or abrupt. You want to build a good relationship with them, especially if you’re going to have a future with them.

3. Order a Sample

Do not sign a contract to work with the supplier until you have seen a sample of their work. You should expect to pay for this sample, although the cost will be low and it’s well worth the price for the peace of mind you will get by knowing what the quality is like. If you prefer, you can even order a few samples of different colors/sizes to get an overall picture.

4. Order from a Competitor

If you can, find a company that is using the same Dropshipping supplier that you’re interested in. This will give you a good idea as to how the supplier packages the product, what the genuine delivery times are, and what the service is like. If you are not happy with the service you receive, then this supplier is not for you, and won’t help you expand your brand.

5. Online Reviews

Online reviews can tell you so much about literally any business and Dropshipping suppliers are no different. However, because the supplier will most probably be in Asia, as we said earlier, you will likely have to conduct your reviews using Asian search engines or even writing in the corresponding language in order to find exactly what you’re looking for. Again, this will take time and requires patience but it’s worth it.

China Dropshipping fulfillment center

Parcel From China (PFC Express) have created our services to provide you with the best end-to-end order fulfillment solutions available from China.

As a leading tech-powered fulfillment company in China, PFC owns shenzhen Fulfillment Center and Dongguan Fulfilment Center, utilizes smart software to provide simple and reliable China warehouse fulfillment service for ecommerce businesses, Dropshipping businesses and crowdfunding projects.

PFC are committed to providing a secure warehouse, efficient fulfillment, diverse packing options, flexible shipping solutions and other value-added services to help you enhance your business with less time and money.

With over 6000㎡ storage space in Shenzhen, Dongguan (China) and automated equipment, PFC can warehouse your products safely, process orders and prepare shipments speedily.

Order fulfillment will start after your goods are placed in our China warehouse. When your customers worldwide place an order in your online store, they all want to receive them as soon as possible. But how can you meet their expectations and yet control your cost? An automated order fulfillment system is needed.

In order to meet the diversified logistics needs of cross-border sellers, PFC adheres to the customer-centric approach, integrates high-quality flights resources, and works closely with major international express and postal companies to launch a series of fast, efficient and safe cross-border B2C e-commerce dedicated lines, international express , postal services, and FBA Prep services.PFC eCommerce logistics routes cover 200 regions and countries around the world, including emerging markets and remote areas. Daily flights ensure delivery of eCommerce orders on time, and even during peak season.

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