Why Dropshipping e-Commerce use Chinese Fulfillment Center?

As all the people that works in this sector already knows, 90% of dropshipping products come from China, so if you have a dropshipping business, consequently, it is also from China that your products will be ship all over the words.

When a dropshipping business start to have a lot of sales, it is very difficult for the dropshipper to follow all the orders, all the returns and all the shippings, so normally at this point, you will need to find a fulfillment center to help you with all this logistics problems.

Because your suppliers are in China also your fulfillment Center will be there.

There are countless benefits to working with a Chinese fulfillment center plus Chinese dropshipping suppliers:

Increase the number of your orders: because with the help of a fulfillment center you will be faster and you will control your shipments.

Label your products: you can label your products or create a branded package to improve your customer trust.

Control your return: if you dropship products using Aliexpress or similar platform and a customer returns your item, the article will be lost forever, with the help of a fulfillment center, you will have the product in your warehouse and you could sell it again.

Keep products in stock: sometimes, when a product is scaling really fast or during special period, like Black Friday, it is important to buy stock to avoid problems. No dropshipping supplier will guarantee you that he will not finish its stock and if this happen you will have orders but no products to ship.

So in the end, if you have a small dropshipping business, probably you don’t need a fulfillment center, but you can simply works with Chinese Supplier.

But when you start raking in the profits, it’s easier than ever for you to scale and grow your business, if you use a fulfillment center.

To scale in this field, you need to find trustworthy suppliers and a also a good Fulfillment Center and, as you know, this can be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, PFC can help you with that.

PFC offers you, all in one solution, the services of an App for dropshipping business, of a Chinese Supplier and of a Fulfillment Center.

We understand the shipping and fulfillment needs of B2C e-Commerce companies and individuals quite well. We develop the WMS and OMS system which can provide real time data exchange automatically. You just need to connect our system with your online store, eBay, amazon, shopify , we will handle all the rest for you including order fulfillment, shipping and tracking.

As a Software, we help you to import products on your store with only one click:send our orders in bulk, automatically send to your customer shipment tracking codes.With our software you will be able to scrape goods from five popular Chinese e-Commerce platforms, and then sell them for seriously competitive b2c prices.

As a Supplier we help you to find all the products the you need and we will also assist you in dropshipping Private Label Products.

As a Fulfillment Center, we will offer you free storage in our warehouse and we can even help you to handle the hassle of returns, which means that we hang onto returned items, allowing you to re-sell them again in the future.We divide warehouse racks depending on products’ features, which guarantees the efficiency and reliability of our China warehouse management service. Meanwhile, all employees in our warehousing have a lot of experience in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses and order fulfillment. You never have to worry about your order any more.

We control all the shippings, so that we can offer you the fastest dropshipping delivery on the market: only 10 days in the TIER 1 country.

Our strategic partnership with logistics carriers helps to reduce the shipping costs significantly. We have long term cooperation relationship with the major logistics carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT, Aramex, etc. We also develop our own special shipping line to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Demark and other major countries around the world by cooperating with local logistics carriers. We are able to provide the best shipping options for all your orders.

We’ve also worked to provide you services such a shipping your orders in bulk, while only pay for the shipping once, and shipping products with branded packages.

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