What is Order Fulfillment Center?The Advantages Of Order Fulfillment Centers In China

An order fulfillment center is a specialized company in the field of order fulfillment. A fulfillment business, which can be specifically understood as order fulfillment or product fulfillment, is a business in which an individual or company performs the delivery process to the orderer.

Typical business operations include specific operations such as inventorying, taking orders, packaging, and shipping and delivering goods to end users.

China is a large manufacturing country, so there will be certain advantages in the geographical location, such as close to the product transportation manufacturing origin and so on, can meet the different product needs of sellers.

China is the country that has the most significant number of powerful e-commerce businesses, such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, 1688.com, and so on. China is also reported to be one of the countries with the fastest-growing e-commerce markets; hence China has become a world factory using order fulfillment centers as leverage.

The geographical location of the product fulfillment center is essential for the timely delivery of products. China is located in Asia relative to the Pacific Ocean, making shipping logistics easy. The easy shipping process coupled with modern technology makes 1 -2 days delivery possible across any country. An extra benefit is attached to the fact that one of the five coastal provinces of China with fulfillment centers, Guangdong, is very close to Hong Kong, the world logistics hub.

PFC China fulfillment center with modern technology and an intelligent logistic system helps speed up logistics for you. There are several shipping methods at a cheap rate from China to other countries based on the number of products, size, or bulky, which allows you, as an online seller, to adopt more flexible shipping strategies. This enhances promotion activities for marketing such as free shipping, two days shipping, free plus shipping, and so on.

Process of Order-Fulfillment


The first step in the 3PL process is to receive inventory at the warehouse after manufacturing. Receiving refers to receiving and storing warehousing inventory in the operation center. Once the warehouse receives inventory, it is ready to go into storage.


The fulfillment part of the 3PL begins when a customer places an order. If your CMS is through Shopify or WooCommerce, the app ensures that orders are automatically routed to the warehouse for picking, ensuring a seamless, automated process.


Once all the items in the order have been picked, it’s time to pack them safely. Your 3PL will select packaging materials that both protect your product and achieve the lowest actual volumetric weight.

Also, some 3PLs allow you to store your own custom packaging. For example, PFC allows custom packaging, branding, and inserts for your products.


The next step is to ship your order to your customers, whether by land, air, or sea.

One of the great benefits of outsourcing fulfillment is that after the order ships, you receive order tracking information. Depending on 3PL’s technology, you can share this information with your clients automatically or manually.

For example, PFC their tracking software can be integrated with your e-commerce platform to keep up-to-date on orders and their fulfillment.


If there is a return, the order will be processed in the same way in the fulfillment center.

PFC offers a range of e-commerce fulfillment services that can work together to give you the best solution. Our services can help you with product branding, logistics, quality control, assembly, marketing, and storage, making PFC a one-stop shop for all your e-commerce fulfillment.

We help you create an impressive and attractive direct sales branding experience that compliments your customers, and lets you focus on what you do best. Use our other services to make the most of your brand. We can store your goods in our warehouse, take professional photos and videos, automatically process your full order through our platform, or simply ship your package in bulk to any destination of your choice worldwide.

We have our own warehouse all over the world, and we provide you with 2 months of free storage to complete your setup and start sending orders. And we will not charge you any storage fees as long as you have the order to process.

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