How to Choose Suitable China Warehousing and Delivery Service?

China warehousing and delivery is a great partner for your e-commerce business. E-commerce owners can use China fulfillment centers to outsource warehousing and shipping services. China Fulfillment centers help e-commerce companies solve warehouse problems. Retailers deliver their list to the fulfillment center. The fulfillment centers package the goods and ship your goods to the customers. It follows you to keep products in stock to reduce dependence on the factory’s lead times and decrease the risk of delayed goods supply.

However, for cross-border sellers who have not used it or are considering using it, how to choose a suitable China warehousing for delivery has become a topic they are most concerned about.

Next, we summarize the concerns of PFC customers when choosing, to see which types of products are suitable for warehouse delivery, and how different cross-border sellers’ business models choose to use Dropshipping services to answer your choices.

1. Product type

Products suitable for warehouses and delivery are mostly standard products, which are easy to identify and store and package complete products independently.

2. Delivery channel

The changes and updates of cross-border logistics channels often make cross-border e-commerce sellers worry about not being able to find economical and affordable transportation channels, and PFC Storage is an expert in this field. Channel experience sharing. Sending cross-border orders through the channels recommended by PFC will make your delivery advantages more obvious.

3. After-sale protection

When there are some problems with your order, it is a very important key point whether the response communication ability and problem-solving ability of PFC Warehousing customer service can satisfy you.

4. Insurance Compensation

Is it possible to quickly and easily purchase insurance for high-value or underdeveloped economically-developed areas of the delivery destination, and the insurance claims are settled quickly and the insurance amount is high.It is a standard to measure the hard power of a cross-border cloud storage service provider.

Best warehousing fulfillment center in China

PFC is one of the leading logistics and fulfillment service company based in Shenzhen, China. We are very experienced in cross-border E-Commerce industry for customers who selling made-in China products and to satisfy customers for cost saving in storage room, efficient order management, API Integration support etc. We aim to providing our customers a comprehensive logistics solution, which enables them only need to focus on growing their business.

If your products are made in China and you’re selling to global market, storing the products in China and ship them out to the customers whenever needed is a very great idea!We provide much cheaper warehouse fulfillment service in China and international shipping service from China. The seller can save the cost and provide more competitive price to the buyer.We take care of your orders, while you can focus on growing your business.Our warehouse fulfillment service is customized for the online sellers of made-in-China Products and the sellers all around the world.

PFC warehousing provides free warehousing for 60 days, no minimum quantity, one-piece shipping, labeling and labeling, designated product purchasing and payment, custom packaging and logo labels and other value-added services that can be freely customized.

We understand the shipping and fulfillment needs of B2C e-Commerce companies and individuals quite well. We develop the WMS and OMS system which can provide real time data exchange automatically. You just need to connect our system with your online store, eBay, amazon, shopify , we will handle all the rest for you including order fulfillment, shipping and tracking.

Our experience in B2C e-Commerce industry helps to build-up the extensive network of suppliers in China. If you don’t want to spend your time on dealing with your suppliers, just tell us your need then we will handle the rest all for you. We know very well how to deal with the Chinese manufactures. We can also source suppliers for you if needed.

We divide warehouse racks depending on products’ features, which guarantees the efficiency and reliability of our China warehouse management service. Meanwhile, all employees in our warehousing have a lot of experience in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses and order fulfillment. You never have to worry about your order any more.

Our strategic partnership with logistics carriers helps to reduce the shipping costs significantly. We have long term cooperation relationship with the major logistics carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT, Aramex, etc. We also develop our own special shipping line to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Demark and other major countries around the world by cooperating with local logistics carriers. We are able to provide the best shipping options for all your orders.

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