How To Use China Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Service?

Are you a business owner in search of reliable storage space in China? Warehousing in China is the best way for business owners to store their goods.

Do you have a logistics company, freight, or import and export business? Then, warehouse space can help your business run without hurdles.

What’s more, you will enjoy many services offered through warehousing in China. These services include product storage, distribution, and delivery. Besides, you get packaging, inventory management, and much more.

Storage is a standard service that you will find in every China warehouse. Inventory management and demand forecasting play a crucial role. It can help you maintain a lean supply chain. You can do this with less inventory. Besides, you can increase turnover while saving money on warehousing.Choosing a China warehouse will affect your business in one way or another.

PFC is one of the leading logistics and fulfillment service company based in Shenzhen, China. We are very experienced in cross-border E-Commerce industry for customers who selling made-in China products and to satisfy customers for cost saving in storage room, efficient order management, API Integration support etc. We aim to providing our customers a comprehensive logistics solution, which enables them only need to focus on growing their business.

How Does PFC Warehousing Fulfillment Work

Getting Started

First you'll need to create an account with us which takes about 10-15 minutes. Then you can upload your products onto our system (our Warehouse Management System: we call it WMS) via a .CSV spreadsheet.

Once you have placed your first order with your supplier, you log into MMS and inform us of what it is you have ordered and when we can expect delivery, including Tracking Details.

We receive deliveries Mon-Sat 9-5 local time. Once your goods arrive you will be notified by email or Skype.

Your Goods Are Processed

Within 24 Hours, we scan in EVERY item for a 100% check. Yes, that’s right…100% check.

You'll know we've started working on your delivery because we email you to let you know. Once that's done we locate your products on shelves in our warehouse ready for your orders.

Finally, we email you again to let you know exactly how many products have been received and that your goods are ready for orders.

Orders Are Generated

Your customers place orders on your website or marketplace and, if the channel is integrated with our system, your orders are automatically forwarded to us. Otherwise, you can log into MMS and copy/paste the orders into your account or upload by spreadsheet.

We then merge your orders and produce batches ready for picking.

Don't worry, we know what we're doing and due to us scanning every item in every order, we can't make a mistake.

Your Orders Get Picked

Our staff then disappear into the aisles of our order fulfillment warehouse, picking your items as they go.

All 'consumer' orders received by 3.00pm (local time) are despatched the same day.

Wholesale orders vary due to the number of items but are completed as soon as we can. We pick all the items onto our oversized trolleys and then wheel them into the packing area.

Your Orders Get Packed

We then carefully pack your orders according to your instructions.

Our staff decide on the best packaging suitable given the type of product or method of delivery. For example, loose T shirts can be sent in a mailbag whereas shoes/electronic items would require cardboard boxes.

We can enclose free gifts and inserts if you'd like. Parcels are shipped using the delivery method selected according to the rules you have provided to us.

Your Orders Are Delivered

And finally....your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately. Overseas import documents and labels are automated by us to avoid any delays. You can receive realtime updates on parcel tracking info which you can share with you customers (if we are integrated with your shopping cart or marketplace).

Our strategic partnership with logistics carriers helps to reduce the shipping costs significantly. We have long term cooperation relationship with the major logistics carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, TNT, Aramex, etc. We also develop our own special shipping line to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Demark and other major countries around the world by cooperating with local logistics carriers. We are able to provide the best shipping options for all your orders.

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