Shipping from China to USA:What is the cheapest shipping from China to USA?

There are various methods of shipping from China to the United States. These methods include express freight, air freight, and sea freight (FCL or LCL sea freight). Each shipping mode has a different rate. These shipping rates from China to the United States are determined by the type of goods being shipped, the capacity of goods, shipping mode choice, product destination, season, and current events. Also, the total cost of shipping required from China to the US includes several extra charges, which may put some pressure on the importers.

So, importers often try to identify and use the cheapest shipping way to ship from China to the United States. The cheapest shipping from China to US is determined predominantly by the quantity of goods you are shipping. Hence, it is difficult to single out a particular shipping mode as the cheapest for shipping from China to the United States.

When shipping small products such as new product samples, freight shipping will be too expensive. The cheapest shipping, in this case, will be the regular post like the China post. Some of the mail options offered by China mail include Air mail/Surface mail for small parcels, air parcel/Surface mail for large packages, and the EMS/China International Express and EUB priority system for packaging.

Meanwhile, when shipping a small package shipment of about 150 kg from China to the US, express freight that goes for around $13 per kilo is the cheapest and fastest shipping option. Ensure you are a registered customer with any of the couriers to enjoy this rate.

However, standard air freight, which costs about $11 per kg, is the cheapest shipping option for moving 150 – 500 kg shipments from China to the US. It can be vary port to port. Very light shipments are likely to be charged on dimensional weight instead of actual weight.

Ultimately, for shipment that weighs more than 500 kilos, ocean freight is the cheapest shipping option to ship such products down the United States from China. Ocean freight is the cheapest way of shipping a large volume of goods; some ships can ferry up to 20,000 twenty-foot containers. So, when looking to optimize your shipping cost from China to the US, consider your shipment capacity to arrive at the most economical shipping cost from China to the US.

In summary, the cheapest ways of shipping from China to the United States are regular post, express freight, and air freight, depending on the volume of the shipment you want to import from China. However, if the timing is not that important to the product you intend to ship from China, sea freight is the cheapest shipping method, especially for large quantities of goods. Though it is often said that it takes a very long time, expedite freight may reduce the transit time to a large extent, making it more competitive with air freight lead time. Expedite freight streamlines the ocean freight processes and offers the fastest shipping service and trucking service.

Fastest Shipping from China to USA

PFC US Super Express is a cost-effective solution formulated by PFC shorten the shipping from China to US time, which is completed by direct flight from Hong Kong/mainland China+ USPS(FC/PM)delivery. There is no need to transfer flight through the third party (American importers or overseas warehouses). At present, the actual rate of 10 natural days is about 90%.


Shipping time: the fastest shipping from china to USA time is 5 working days.

Direct flight from Hong Kong/mainland China with 6 flights per week.

Quick Custom Clearance: complete the customs clearance process before the flight landed.

Delivery rate: the delivery rate of delivery within 10 days is higher than 90%.

Virtual warehouse: Recorded into the tracking system and providing US virtual Internet address within 2 days after received the products.

Best one-stop China Fulfillment: provide safe warehousing, custom picking and packing, efficient shipping and other free value-added services.

Support self-pickup in the nearest post office: if the parcels delivery are failed, they will be handed over to the nearest post office, and customers can pickup by themself according to the phone number and address of the post office we provide.

Thus, cheapest shipping from china to USA and fastest shipping from china to USA attract much attention. PFC took first to meet the market need, and launch PFC US Super Express.

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