How to Ship Products From China to US Amazon Warehouse

Shipping goods from China to Amazon warehouse is an easy process as long as you provide to the Amazon warehouse the tracking numbers. However, if the goods that need to be shipped through Amazon fulfillment centers using their carriers, then the Amazon-generated shipping labels will also include the tracking numbers needed.

After a shipment is cleared through the US customs, importers are required to plan appointments with the Amazon warehouse and keep updating them on the delivery timetable. This appointment is necessary, though it takes 2-7 days to confirm after a request has been made and thus cannot be charged before they are confirmed.


An importer record must be used as Amazon will not act as your IOR. As a result, the importer will be therefore liable for all cost incurred during shipping, risks as well as any compliance that might be linked with the shipping.


The importer has to import first into the US and then make arrangement for all freights, customs duties and clearance paid up to Amazon’s receipt of the shipped package. This means that the importer has to use the DDP terms of sale.


Amazon becomes the ultimate consignee on the shipping documents as long as it is listed as the care of (c/O) party. A bill of lading (BOL) is a necessity for every shipment sent to Amazon; it should be sent together with the shipment product and also be provided to the carrier. The bill of landing number should be included on the pallet label for quick freight verification once the goods are delivered to the shipment center.

A delivery appointment with the Amazon warehouse should be requested by the freight carrier before delivery, and this process also requires the Bill of landing details. Failure to provide the Bill of landing information may result in shipment delays or even refusal by the warehouse to receive the shipment.

Moreover, it is crucial to maintaining the levels of supply in the Amazon warehouse. At Amazon, vendors with the similar products are given higher priorities as effective monitoring is done on each vendor’s stock if a vendor runs out of stock for popular products, Amazon has the right to request the competing vendors to carry those products onward. Importers are therefore required to negotiate the delivery duty paid terms since everything connected to costs is settled before shipment delivery is done at Amazon warehouse. This eradicates delay worries from both the importer and the shipper that could emerge from clearances and paperwork. The federal law requires that all goods should have a mark of country origin. For instance, good being imported from China should have a “made in China’ mark. The marks should be permanent and legible to enable the purchasers quickly recognize their origin.

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