Cross-border cloud warehouse:The Best Dropshipping Fulfillment Service in China

E-commerce companies and sellers can ship the purchased products directly to the partner cloud warehouse without having to deal with them themselves. After the cooperative cloud warehouse receives the goods, the staff will simply check the goods in the warehouse according to the requirements of the e-commerce company and the seller, and register and verify the category and quantity of the goods, mark them, and import this information into the WMS system.

PFC helps global cross-border e-commerce sellers and enterprises to develop, and launches cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing services.

PFC focus on the cross-border cloud warehouse service sector, operate multi-channel logistics delivery and corresponding price advantages through its own advantages, plus the advanced WMS warehousing order management software connected with mainstream e-commerce platforms, to achieve cross-border e-commerce cloud warehousing full chain services. The service object is the most flexible and diversified for sellers and enterprises of independent stations or e-commerce platforms.

PFC Warehousing provides 60-day free warehousing storage, no minimum amount, drop shipping, designated product procurement, custom packaging and logo labels and other services. All services of PFC are for global users and are not restricted by country or region. If you need cross-border drop shipping services, you can contact PFC and use their services with confidence.

Dropshipping fulfillment operation process of PFC

1.After the Dropshipping operator confirms the goods, he can contact the supplier to directly deliver the goods to PFC (door-to-door pickup is available in Shenzhen,Guangzhou, Dongguan,and Yiwu).

2.After the goods arrive at PFC, PFC will scan and register the goods, and conduct simple quality inspection of the goods according to the requirements of the Dropshipping operator. After confirmation, PFC will classify the goods according to the characteristics of the goods and put them on the shelves for storage.

3.When the Dropshipping operator generates an order, PFC will carry out the picking and distribution service for the order according to the received order details. After the picking is completed, the order will be integrated and packaged. In order to ensure that the goods can be protected to a certain extent during the transportation process.

4.After the goods are packed, PFC will recommend the most suitable cross-border logistics and transportation service channels according to the characteristics, size, volume, weight and other factors of the goods. In order to meet the requirements of Dropshipping operators for transportation costs, timeliness and safety to the greatest extent.

5.PFC also provides 60-day free storage for Dropshipping operators.

Dropshipping chooses to use PFC, PFC provides all Dropshipping supply chain resources and services in one stop. Professional, dedicated and dedicated to provide the best service for each cooperative Dropshipping operator, helping you double your store orders.

International logistics and delivery

PFC provides a full range of multi-channel international logistics and transportation channels, with a total number of hundreds of channels. International logistics channels will be recommended according to the needs of different sellers.

High requirements for time effectiveness. It is recommended to use internationally renowned first-line international air transportation. PFC is its level 1 agent and can provide the most comprehensive international express delivery at the best price.

If the cost performance requirements are high and the effectiveness shall have a certain guarantee, it is recommended to use the international special line or express line. PFC develops multiple special line channels for you in easy optimization, including but not limited to Sino-US special line, Canadian special line, Canadian special line, European special line, British special line, Germany special line, Polish special line, Spanish special line, Italian special line, Brazilian special line, Australian special line, Japanese special line, Russian special line and a series of special line international logistics transportation channels.

If the cost requirements are low and the time effectiveness is not high, it is recommended to use international sea transportation channels, which are mostly used for FBA head transportation of sellers with low timeliness requirements. PFC mainly provides Matson Express transportation, including Matson limited time delivery.

Transportation channel of special class of goods. PFC provides pure battery cargo transportation channels, as well as transportation channels for pure electric bags, as well as light volume of the special line, also liquid, ointment class of special cargo to choose from.

PFC specializes in providing cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing services for the whole industry chain to cross-border e-commerce sellers and companies.

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