Shopify Warehousing Delivery:The Best Shopify Order Fulfillment Services in China

Amazingly simple Shopify order fulfillment with PFC(Parcel from China) China-Fulfillment. We help Shopify merchants fulfill orders as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to meet their customer expectations.Shopify seamlessly integrates with our software to automate fulfillment and inventory management, letting you focus on selling and growing your business — not worrying about fulfillment.

China warehouse refers to the subcontracting of warehousing, order fulfillment, and logistics activities by e-commerce sellers of the Shopify store to 3PL companies. Therefore th e 3PL warehouse provides comprehensive services and is also an order fulfillment center. China PFC is an order fulfillment center with a good reputation in China warehouse industry.

The 3PL warehouse is different from general rental warehouse warehousing.If the Shopify store wants to get a high level of quality and service, you can use the 3PL warehouse. Because these Chinese warehouses have a high level of design and meet the high standards and specialized handling requirements of particular commodities, if S only needs a general class of handling services, it can choose to rent warehousing.

The 3PL warehouse is a partnership established between production enterprises and Chinese warehousing. However, it is because of this partnership that the3Pl warehouse companies. So, compared with traditional warehousing companies, they can provide cargo owners with warehousing, inventory, LCL, a complete suite of order fulfillment services such as order classification, spot inventory, in-transit mixing, inventory control, and shipping arrangements, and after-sales services.

China Warehouse Fulfillment Service

PFC has a modern warehouse which is about 80,00 square meters and at the excellent geographical location. Meanwhile, it has reasonable layout, multi-functions and advanced storage device.Your goods will be kept well by our experienced administrator.We insure that your goods will be under our supervision in 24 hours. As we work in a systematic way, your goods will be processed properly and efficiently. In order to modernize, normalize and standardize our customer services,we has developed an advanced warehouse management system which can strengthen our production management and operation.

Warehouse Management System

China PFC can offer convenient China warehouse & order fulfillment services. Meanwhile, PFC, as an excellent China order fulfillment center, can provide full warehouse service. And PFC’s warehouse staff execute your order fulfillment process is highly efficient ways.We have our warehouse management system.

We can control our Shenzhen warehouse’s entire inbound inventory process in China through this warehouse management system.For some special requirements, we can flexibly adjust all processes. Our ERP system integrates with more than 40 e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc.) in China.

Plenty Warehousing Space

We have three vast Guangdong Shenzhen warehouses based in China. Because the China warehouse location is very convenient for shipping your items from China worldwide, we will fulfill your order items from China warehouse worldwide.

As our order fulfillment business continues to expand, we will have more Shenzhen warehouses to provide in the future. Now, PFC has a modern warehouse which is about 80,00 square meters and at the excellent geographical location.. And China PFC will give you the best China warehouse fulfillment services. China PFC looks forward to progressing with you.

Reliable China Warehouse Service

We know well about the basic features of the Shenzhen warehouse management service. And Shenzhen warehouse staff can warehouse and fulfill your item inventory and shipment by the high efficient warehouse management system.

We divide Shenzhen warehouse racks depending on products’ features, which guarantees the efficiency and reliability of our China warehouse management service. Meanwhile, all employees in our warehousing have a lot of experience in ecommerce fulfillment warehouses and order fulfillment. You never have to worry about your order any more.

Effective China Warehouse Inventory Management

A simple and accurate SKU management system makes the pick and pack process better and better. In China PFC’s SKU system, each of your products has a specific SKU number in the warehouse management system. The SKU of each product carries the details of the related product. It ensures that we can accurately perform the order fulfillment process and better serve you with the warehouse management system. At the same time, you can get regular Shenzhen warehouse inventory updates to understand product sales.

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