E-commerce fulfillment service in China: What Is It And Why It Is Important

What is a Fulfillment Center

Part of the supply chain, a fulfillment center handles all logistics required to transfer a product from the supplier to the customer. It handles order selecting, processing, packing, and shipping. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers like PFC use the fulfillment center to receive, process, and fulfill customer orders. A fulfillment center expedites the delivery of online purchases to customers and frees e-commerce enterprises from this arduous process.

How exactly do fulfillment centers operate?

Order fulfillment, or fulfillment center operations, delivers online goods to your door. 3PLs keep an e-commerce company’s inventory to fulfill consumer orders. After a buyer completes an online transaction, inventory is picked, boxes are packed, and packages are marked.

When an online shop outsources e-commerce fulfillment, a 3PL completes the operation which includes inventory control and delivery-cost haggling.

By outsourcing order fulfillment, a seller can manage inventory, improve customer experience, and focus on more strategic tasks.

E-commerce Companies Save Money With Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment companies typically manage hundreds of clients at once. By combining customers, they have more negotiating leverage with vendors. The fulfillment company can use the combined volume to get large discounts on supplies like shipping boxes and packaging materials (sometimes called dunnage). The vendor doesn’t have to run and staff a fulfillment center.

Outsource Inventory Management and Storage

For a seller without a large corporation distributing thousands of items daily, managing a warehouse may be too expensive and time-consuming. A fulfillment center can handle these tasks more efficiently. When a seller can’t manage incoming orders and ship them on time, it’s time to use a fulfillment center.

Giving the Seller the Freedom to Think Big

Receiving orders, choosing products, packaging boxes, and shipping are vital to a company’s bottom line, but they can be outsourced to a 3PL. By outsourcing these tasks to a 3PL, a growing internet business may focus on customer service, marketing, and strategic planning.

Services for E-commerce Fulfillment

As more customers shop online, merchants must connect with a fulfillment company that has the technology and operational know-how to execute their e-commerce fulfillment.

With e-commerce sellers’ growing expectations, these fulfillment companies should scale quickly. Seasonality and promotions can cause e-commerce enterprises to see rapid sales growth. Fulfillment companies should have enough space and flexible labor without sacrificing service or quality.

It’s Not Necessary to Own a Warehouse

If your business has a popular product and is expanding swiftly to meet client demand, you know the feeling of having an overflowing inventory. It’s a tremendous problem, but finding answers can be hard.

When you outsource order fulfillment, a 3PL may hold all of your inventory without you having to receive deliveries, handle goods, arrange, and sort. This makes room for business (or sanity). It may also boost your bottom line affordably.

The 3PL will help you manage the movement of goods from the manufacturer to their fulfillment centers. They’ll tell you when inventory levels fall below a certain threshold and order more inventory, minimizing your fulfillment expenses.

Distributed Inventory

When choosing a 3PL, it’s crucial to know if their fulfillment locations are near your clients. Better: faster delivery and lower freight costs.

Online shoppers want ease and speed. If you keep your product near your clients, orders will be delivered quickly (or adjacent to big metro areas that may swiftly reach high numbers of customers).

Integrating Knowledge and Specialization

Logistics can be frustrating for sellers. It adds another layer to other business operations. A 3PL fulfillment center can manage complex procedures and moving parts. Fulfillment firms process orders, manage inventory, pack, and ship. Their technologies and contacts allow them to deliver things quickly and affordably (or businesses). Long-term, outsourcing fulfillment and logistics to a 3PL is cost-effective for the seller.

Automate the Fulfillment Process

Modern 3PLs use cutting-edge technology. This allows real-time recording of each fulfillment stage. Every online store order is instantly sent to a fulfillment center to be picked up, packaged, and sent.

Logistics management software allows a 3PL to monitor a seller’s inventory year-round. This data can be used to benchmark or forecast growth.

Value Added Services

Picking, packaging, and shipping orders is a seller’s major concern when working with a fulfillment center, but they can also leverage their partner for value-added services. Kitting, assembly, and returns management are examples (or reverse logistics). Having these services allows you to quickly adapt to market and consumer developments.

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