How to Find a Fulfillment Center in China for Your Dropshipping Business

Fulfillment centers provide office space for third-party logistics providers to fulfill e-commerce orders. It can receive orders online at any time and provide timely feedback, and the whole process is very smooth, which simplifies the e-commerce order fulfillment process. Sometimes the terms warehouse and fulfillment center are interchangeable.

How Does A Fulfillment Center Operate?

Generally, fulfillment providers handle all fulfillment activities in one place, so brands can focus on managing sales, customer service, and company growth. Fulfillment center services include:

1. Real-time inventory management: When a new order is created, inventory is sent to the brand’s order fulfillment center for sorting and storage.

2. Picking, matching, and packaging: Upon receipt of an order, the fulfillment center staff will pick and pack the items in the order.

3. Order processing and fulfillment: The goal of the fulfillment center is to fulfill the order as quickly as possible and then ship it to the end customer.

4. Shipping Coordination: In the final step, the fulfillment center ships the product directly to the recipient.

Why Dropshipping eCommerce use Chinese Fulfillment Center.

As all the people that works in this sector already knows, 90% of dropshipping products come from China, so if you have a dropshipping business, is there that you have to go looking for your suppliers.

Consequently, it is also from China that your products will be ship all over the words.

When a dropshipping business start to have a lot of sales, it is very difficult for the dropshipper to follow all the orders, all the returns and all the shippings, so normally at this point, you will need to find a fulfillment center to help you with all this logistics problems.

Because your suppliers are in China also your fulfillment Center will be there.

There are countless benefits to working with a Chinese fulfillment center plus Chinese dropshipping suppliers:

Increase the number of your orders: because with the help of a fulfillment center you will be faster and you will control your shipments.

Label your products: you can label your products or create a branded package to improve your customer trust.

Control your return: if you dropship products using Aliexpress or similar platform and a customer returns your item, the article will be lost forever, with the help of a fulfillment center, you will have the product in your warehouse and you could sell it again.

Keep products in stock: sometimes, when a product is scaling really fast or during special period, like Black Friday, it is important to buy stock to avoid problems. No dropshipping supplier will guarantee you that he will not finish its stock and if this happen you will have orders but no products to ship.

So in the end, if you have a small dropshipping business, probably you don’t need a fulfillment center, but you can simply works with Chinese Supplier.

PFC(Parcel from China)provides customers with free warehousing service for 30 days to many cooperative Dropshipping sellers or enterprises. 30 days, for most of Dropshipping sellers, is completely enough for their normal circulation turnaround time.

The 30-day free period is calculated from the time the shipment enters the warehouse, and if the shipment is dispatched within ≤ 30 days, then the cost of the ticket is zero for the period the shipment is in warehouse storage.

The 30-day judging criteria is for the goods, not for the people, and cooperative Dropshipping sellers can inject new batches of goods into the warehouse according to their own demand situation. Then the old batch and the new batch of goods are registered separately according to the date of entry into the warehouse. Free storage for ≤ 30 days can be achieved respectively. If you understand this cloud warehouse storage charging rules. Basically, you can do free use of it.

PFC focus on Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage services for more than 10 years. PFC is dedicated to provide customers with more perfect Dropshipping cloud warehouse storage service for each partner seller.

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