Cross-border e-commerce logistics from China to the world distribution problems and countermeasures

The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has driven the continuous growth of the cross-border e-commerce logistics market. Cross-border e-commerce logistics is an important support for the development of cross-border e-commerce. Compared with domestic express logistics, cross-border e-commerce logistics processes have become more complex and have become One of the important pain points in the development of cross-border e-commerce. With the continuous increase in cross-border e-commerce transaction volume, how to choose a logistics fulfillment company that suits you? Here are the following points for analysis.

1. Choose logistics according to your own time needs

From the perspective of the buyer; the seller should consider all aspects of the goods purchased by the buyer, including freight, safety, delivery speed, whether there are tariffs, and so on. If you consider the timeliness, you can take the dedicated line logistics, and the price is also OK. Simply for the sake of cheapness without considering the timeliness, you can choose PFC’s postal parcel special line, which is cheap, with good service quality, and can be tracked throughout the process.

2. Choose cross-border logistics according to your own cargo characteristics

If your cross-border e-commerce product is relatively large and does not require timeliness, then you can consider shipping. Because the shipping volume of the sea dedicated line is very large, the most important thing is the low cost, which can save a considerable part of the logistics and transportation costs. There are two ways of ocean transportation: whole container and combined container. The final transportation of large quantities of goods is generally carried out by trucks, and the overall time efficiency is also good. But the delivery speed is slower, which takes about 20-25 days.

3. Choose different cross-border e-commerce logistics according to the off-season and peak season

At present, many cross-border e-commerce in China do seasonal sales, such as Christmas and Halloween sales. Therefore, the choice of cross-border e-commerce can also take into account the difference between off-season and peak seasons, such as choosing PFC postal parcels in the off-season. Cheap logistics to reduce cross-border logistics costs, after all, logistics costs account for most of the operating costs; during peak seasons or event periods, such as Black Friday, choose PFC Hong Kong DHL to ensure customer experience, or you can choose overseas Warehouse mode. Simply put, it is to reduce costs during the off-season, and stagger the peak during the peak season.

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