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Cross-border e-commerce is extremely hot for the whole world. With high-quality and inexpensive goods, as well as a wide range of categories, people can easily complete online shopping without leaving home. For cross-border e-commerce sellers, the main distribution markets are mostly dominated by the European and American markets, and assisted by the Southeast Asian market. However, many people note that the cross-border e-commerce market in Brazil is undergoing great changes.

According to relevant data analysis, the order sales of Aliexpress, Shopee, and Shein in the Brazilian e-commerce market surged by 60% in 21 years, once reaching the total sales of 38 billion reais. This shows that more and more Brazilians like shopping online. The continued efforts of Mercado Livre, Americanas and Magazine Luiza have given Brazil's e-commerce market an unprecedented boom.

This prosperity is caused for two reasons:

One is the medium-and high-end products from China and the United States, which are far lower than the local sales in price in Brazil, so people can order much cheaper products through their mobile phones.

The second is Brazil's cross-border tax exemption policy. As the Brazilian government stipulates that if the price of goods is less than $50 US dollars, then taxes can be exempted. In other words, when shopping online, one does not need to pay tariffs.

The two-pronged effect has made many cross-border e-commerce sellers flock to the Brazilian e-commerce market. However, many people find a serious problem when sending goods. Cross-border logistics and transportation in Brazil is very small, and the price is expensive, and the time limit is slow.

ParcelFromChina (PFC Express) integrates high quality logistics resources, and constantly improves and perfects, thus launching more than 20 high-quality direct and highly efficient special line logistic channels to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America and other regions, providing the cross-border business and export foreign trade business with international special line logistics solutions of cost effectiveness, high stability, fast time efficiency, diversification and individuation.

In order to meet the demands of cross-border e-commerce sellers to be shipped to Brazil, PFC has solemnly launched the Brazilian special line:

Brazilian Super Express. PFC integrates high quality air transport resources and postal air transport line to develop a Brazilian postal air line based on postal background clearance. The head flight is from Hong Kong to Europe, and then from Europe to Brazil, with the end delivered by Brazilian Post. Relying on the postal background of green customs clearance, and with strong customs clearance ability, you can complete the customs clearance in only one day at the fastest, which solves the problem of customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce sellers in Brazil. Can go to the general goods and internal e-commence products.

From the date of delivery, the comprehensive average receipt time limit is 9-16 days, which is generally better than the timeliness of similar products in the cross-border transportation industry.

Complete information:Provide end to end full tracking query service,which can be found in 17TRACK, and PFC’s website.

High safety:General goods and domestic e-commerce enjoys Brazil postal service rate of more than 90%. Brazil Post green clearance is endowed with one day as the fastest to complete clearance.

At the same time, it can meet the logistics needs of local e-commerce platform sellers such as Mercado Libre, B2W Marketplace and Magazine Luiza Brazilian, as well as global market platform sellers like Amazon and AliExpress.

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