Start your dropshipping journey with the advantages of the Shopify platform

Novice merchants have entered the cross-border e-commerce industry through the drop shipping model. After the selection of the more critical vertical markets and commodity categories in the early stage is completed, if they want to start a journey of drop shipping, they also need to build the software for store operation, In terms of the selection of the shipping platform and the cooperation with suppliers, a more complete and comprehensive planning and preparation will be carried out.

Before choosing a drop shipping platform, the first step is to choose a suitable cooperative supplier and add the product to the merchant's store.

One-stop service provider Shopify has a relatively complete solution for the drop shipping model, which enables merchants to complete the entire process of store construction and operation processing, as well as multi-currency receipt and payment anytime, anywhere. In terms of selection and cooperation with high-quality suppliers, a more mature and convenient method is to directly connect with supplier e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress through the application PFCShip in the Shopify ecosystem. AliExpress is backed by Alibaba, and has leading supplier resources in the Chinese market. Merchants can search for most of the sources suitable for direct sales here.

Dropshipping on AliExpress using the PFCShip program in SHOPIFY

Many suppliers on AliExpress have ready-made product promotional photos and basic copywriting descriptions, but merchants still need to conduct actual investigations in the process of selling on the shelves to ensure that the supplier's first-hand pictures are consistent with the product. , and carry out product promotion in combination with its own characteristics, highlighting its own product and service advantages with detailed differentiation.

At the back end of the store, with PFCShip, an online application that integrates the resources of many supplier platforms, whether it is digital and auto accessories, kitchen supplies or other popular items, merchants can quickly find them from AliExpress or other supply networks. Appropriate suppliers and high-potential products can be added to your own Shopify store with one click, and displayed to end consumers, without having to manually add products to the merchant's store website one by one from AliExpress.

After adding the product, the merchant needs to adjust the price and set the final price according to the actual situation. Once the consumer places an order in the store, PFCShip will automatically execute the order, transmit the order information to the supplier synchronously, complete the automatic purchase, and prompt the supply. This order is shipped on behalf of the merchant, and there is no need for the merchant to manually place an order again, which greatly liberates the merchant's energy.

All the merchant has to do is to check whether the order details are correct. The picking, packing and shipping of the goods are all handled by third-party suppliers. PFCShip provides order tracking function to ensure that the logistics will go directly to the consumer, and Empower merchants to have more information in the customer service process.

PFCShip will also notify merchants in a timely manner when the supplier's products change prices or are sold out, and suggest choosing other similar suppliers. At the same time, cooperating with multiple suppliers is an important means to avoid such out-of-stock risks.

In the closed-loop system of the entire drop shipping model, the key to ultimately forming the competitiveness of merchants and making them stand out in the market is still the ability of operation and marketing. Merchants use PFCShip and other tools in the Shopify platform to continuously improve efficiency and connection with suppliers in terms of operations, and reduce error rates; in marketing, they form their own brand copywriting and product communities, and continuously provide high-quality after-sales and products. Consumer service, through accumulation and expansion of its own market size and strength, based on this, to seek self-research and mastery of products and enhance brand influence in the later stage.

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