Dropshipping from China can ship pure battery shipments?

The popularity of batteries has made it possible for more mobile devices to be mobile enough to work. Laptops, cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, tablets, multifunctional PDAs, walkie-talkies and other devices that we use in our daily lives are powered by batteries. However, because the battery is a power device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external links, and the battery consists of multiple electrochemical cells, they are mostly connected in parallel, series or series-parallel to collect the power output in a unified manner.

It is because the battery belongs to the chemical energy conversion of electrical devices, and there is a certain degree of danger, so that many cross-border e-commerce sellers who sell batteries through online sale, have a certain amount of transport concerns. The special nature of battery cargo makes many airlines and cross-border logistics transport channels classify it as special sensitive goods and are excluded from the transportable category.

At the same time, battery products are among the products with very high reorder rates and large order volumes. Cross-border e-commerce sellers are eager to solve the problem of whether they can ship batteries across borders.

PFCShip(Parcel from China)combines its more than ten years of logistics experience and channels, and actively develops cross-border logistics channels for cross-border e-commerce sellers that can send goods containing online sale batteries. These channels are divided into those that can carry built-in battery goods or pure battery goods.

Built-in battery goods

Usually the battery is not a separate individual, the built-in battery is also the battery in the electricity-using equipment. Now many cell phones use built-in batteries, because the built-in battery can achieve an integrated body, so that the phone looks more compact. And you can avoid the phone in the use of the process of impact damage, resulting in poor battery contact problems. In layman's terms, the battery is inside the electricity-using equipment, such as laptops, cell phones, flashlights, electronics, toys, cameras carried by passengers, laptops, video cameras, etc..

External battery goods

External battery is also called mobile power, e power, usually refers to a device that provides energy for cell phone power storage. Its role: to cell phones, digital products to provide anytime, anywhere charging function. This is the equivalent of a battery outside of the electricity-using device. The most representative product is the rechargeable battery series.

Such external batteries PFCShip(Parcel from China) launched a cross-border transportation channel specifically for such purely electric goods. It fundamentally solves the pain point that batteries are difficult to transport across borders and are subject to many restrictions.

PFCShip(Parcel from China) is a one-stop Dropshipping service provider for cross-border transportation of battery products, and PFCShip's preferred channels can help you get there in one step.

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