Which cross-border e-commerce platforms are suitable for dropshipping?

The continuous popularity of cross-border e-commerce trade is inseparable from the promotion of major cross-border e-commerce platforms. Currently, the most popular e-commerce platforms occupy almost the vast majority of the entire cross-border e-commerce market. It is also the first choice for sellers to enter. Let's take a look at what are these e-commerce platforms? Are they suitable for using dropshipping?


Amazon, the dominant king, has about 300 million paying members worldwide, distributed mainly in Europe and the United States. Operations are almost all around the world. The platform has the largest number of paid members among many e-commerce sales platforms, and their purchasing power is also the highest. It is the best choice for brand building and high-quality products.


Alibaba is a B2C shopping site for the global market. More about Alibaba's retail market. A seller account can face more than 230 countries and regions around the world. Because of its relatively low sales price, it is also used by many foreign e-commerce sellers as a dropshipping procurement channel for small orders of e-commerce sellers.

Lazada and shopee are both e-commerce platforms deeply engaged in Southeast Asia, and their business mainly covers six countries in Southeast Asia. Among them, Shopee introduced new buyers for the first three months, making its growth momentum fierce.


The past king of e-commerce due to the not timely adjusted strategic pace, its market share continued to decline. But the thin camel is bigger than the horse. Now it is still the old strong brand of online auction and shopping platform, with its business covering 30 major countries in the world. Because of its low investment and high flexibility, it is especially suitable for the starting point of individuals or small start-ups.


90% of the sellers are from China, with efficient and simple trading and high repurchase rate. With intelligent push, accurate touch of buyers makes it quickly become the largest mobile e-commerce platform in North America and Europe.

These cross-border e-commerce platforms have made certain provisions on the transportation time limit after generating orders. In order to obtain a good shopping experience, buyers can deliver goods to buyers safely and quickly, which has become the final competition link of several major e-commerce platforms.

The professional and efficient goods processing capacity gives cross-border e-commerce sellers more space for improvement in the final order processing link. While meeting the rules of the platform, it also further improves the satisfaction of store buyers.

The services provided by Parcel From China(PFC Express)dropshipping make cross-border e-commerce sellers have a qualitative leap in the delivery processing time, goods sorting and packaging, selective logistics channels, and real-time update of storage information and other links. There is no need to worry about the delay of sending orders due to their own dropshipping and personnel reasons. You can free up more time to study how to make your store sales higher.

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