How to Start Dropshipping From China?You need a best Chinese dropship agent

For Dropshipping sellers, finding a suitable logistics channel is very crucial. For the logistics channels that have been used and have favorable feelings, generally the sellers will not easily replace them, because if they are not very familiar with the channels after the replacement, they may not be able to make accurate estimates in terms of timeliness and safety problems, which will affect the timeliness commitment of the order generation.

The rise of cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing has made many Dropshipping sellers experience it. It turns out that Dropshipping cloud warehouse can really store goods and process orders without having to build its own warehouse.

Through the field investigation of the service process of PFCShip, it is not difficult to find that a service provider specializing in providing cross-border cloud warehouse storage services for Dropshipping sellers and enterprises has traced every link from the entry of goods to the successful delivery of orders, and the safe and open external attitude also shows the service position to the cooperative e-commerce sellers. Let the cooperative sellers personally feel safe and reliable.

Best Chinese dropship agent

Fast and effective communication has always been the fundamental of any service industry. The 1V1 customer service provided by PFCShip from beginning to end fundamentally solves the problems that when there is not to find people, it is hard to find people to solve the problems, or that in solving the problems, it takes a long time but without the following. Let you personally feel the temperature and professional customer service.

Free service without discount, efficient management without delay. From the entry day, PFCShip provides 30 days of free warehousing services, relieving Dropshipping sellers who are careful about warehousing costs. Really think for the seller and consider saving money for the seller.

High-precision one package delivery service

PFCShip includes sorting, packing, sending and other orders. These tedious tasks for Dropshipping sellers can be easily delivered to PFCShip to handle. Sellers also do not need to worry about sending the wrong goods, delayed delivery, packaging and other links. The time saved can make sellers feel business so easy.

There are small gifts in the sales process, and the buyers will be surprised after receiving the goods, the differentiation between packaging and similar products, the word of mouth service in the brand building process, etc., who may be the key order to achieve the brand and order growth. And many differentiated services, many cloud warehouse warehousing can not meet. PFCShip offers value-added services to meet your needs in all directions. Choose PFCShip to make your product different.

PFCShip fully understands the importance of cooperative Dropshipping sellers on their own use of reliable logistics channels, and further strengthens the scope of logistics selection at the end of PFCShip warehousing services. Cooperative cross-border sellers should be preferred when using PFCShip preferred logistics channels, so as to achieve more trust and recognition in the use of PFCShip.

PFCShip currently provides international line are: China Southern Airlines line,American line, Canada line, Europe, Britain, Germany, Poland line, Spain, Italy, Brazil line package, Australia line, Japan package line, Russia line and other international aviation logistics line. Fully meet the cooperative Dropshipping sellers free of choice range.

In addition, PFCShip has also made some optimization for the cargo transportation channels with certain particularity. For example, PFCShip has launched a pure electric small package special line for battery goods. A special line has been launched for liquid goods of beauty perfume and nail polish, and a special line has been launched for the volume of bulk goods such as paintings, handicrafts and ordered products.

PFCShip warehousing preferred logistics, its own more than 10 years of international logistics experience in intelligent optimization. To meet the requirements of timeliness, cost and safety of each category of goods, and recommend the most suitable international logistics channels.

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