China warehouse fulfillment service:Dropshipping fulfillment warehousing solution

Dropshipping is a new e-commerce retail model that allows stores to sell products without retaining any physical inventory. During the transportation of the goods, the retailer sells the product to the customer, and then passes the sales orders to the third-party suppliers, who send the orders directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer. The Freight Seller (the dropshipping operator) does not need to invest in any product inventory, warehouse, or storage space, or it has the need to handle fulfillment matters.

Thanks to the low entry cost and simple starting business, it has become a popular and convenient business model for e-commerce retailers who can operate profitable stores with simple settings and little risk. Dropering has always been one of the reasons why e-commerce is everywhere, as it allows many players to fill the market with niche products.

PFCShip warehousing service, providing dropshipping operators with a perfect industrial service chain, can directly allow the supplier of the goods to deliver the goods to PFCShip, who is responsible for the performance process required for all subsequent orders. It is the PFCShip cross-border cloud warehouse storage service providers that make the whole e-commerce industry have a new development plan, so that cross-border e-commerce sellers and dropshipping operators no longer worry about product inventory, order processing and cross-border transportation. It has further promoted the development of the industry.

As a dropshipping operator, using PFCShip, it is totally unnecessary to contact the goods to complete the full performance of the order. Let's take a look at how PFCShip works.

1.After the dropshipping operator determines the goods, it can contact the supplier to directly deliver the goods to PFCShip (In areas like Shenzhen, Dongguan,Guangzhou, and Yiwu, door-to-door delivery can be provided). If the supplier chooses a logistics and transportation company, the dropshipping operator needs to provide PFCShip with a real and effective tracking number (very important).

2.After the goods arrive at PFCShip, PFCShip will scan and register the goods and simply check the goods to the requirements of the dropshipping operator. After confirmation, PFCShip will store the goods according to the characteristics of the goods.

3.When the dropshipping operator generates an order, PFCShip will pick up and distribute the order based on the details of the order received, and will integrate and package the order after the picking up, to ensure that the goods can be somewhat protected in the process of transportation.

4.After the goods are packaged, the PFCShip will recommend the most suitable cross-border logistics and transportation service channel according to the characteristics, size, volume and weight of the goods. To maximize the dropshipping operator's requirements for transportation costs, timeliness and safety.

5.PFCShip also offers dropshipping operators free storage for 30 days.

PFCShip's service greatly meets the full chain of cloud warehouse storage services for sellers on various platforms or independent stations. Help cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers and dropshipping operators to grow stronger.

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