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The choice of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service has become the most important foundation for the most important development direction of the cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies in China. Meanwhile, it is also an important part of the closed loop of online trading business in the industry, which intuitively affects the shopping experience of overseas buyers. The choice of cloud warehouse service directly affects the order sales growth of cross-border sellers and the success or failure of their future development planning.

At present, many cross-border e-commerce companies or sellers rely on third-party sales platforms (Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, shopee, shopify, wish, lazada, etc.). In order to further improve the experience of sellers and buyers,many e-commerce business platforms have launched a set of unique cross-border logistics solutions. Through their own logistics system or cooperation with a third party international logistics companies, they provide international logistics services, to realize the safe and fast transportation of the international cross-border orders products of the sellers on their platforms , so that sellers and buyers can get relatively satisfactory transportation experience.

Many cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies find that once the platform uses or recommends using logistics and transportation channels, then the platform wants the corresponding sellers to use it. For the sellers who ignore the important logistics policy of the platform, the exposure of product sales links and the flow of the whole store will be affected, so the vast majority of the sellers will abide by the logistics policies launched by the platform.

Then can cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage use the logistics transportation designated by the seller platform? After PFCShip's practical experience, the good news is that PFCShip can use the seller platform to specify logistics.

eBay, for example, the platform recommends using SpeedPAK (Orange Link Logistics) for international orders for lighter products. SpeedPAK parcel service is a direct delivery logistics solution jointly created by eBay and logistics strategic partner Orange Alliance Co., Ltd., mainly based on eBay platform logistics policies. If you choose to use SpeedPAK logistics and transportation services, but if you are not successfully used, it will be reflected in the logistics policy scoring system. This has also prompted more sellers to choose to use the logistics service after they must use it

The current cross-border e-commerce industry is an information age. The PFCShip s that changes in the industry will strive to obtain any information and meet the needs of sellers in the first time.

PFCShip will fully cooperate with the seller on the logistics policy of the sales platform. After the early warehousing, sorting orders, packaging, and a series of PFCShip standard services, the processed orders will be delivered to the designated logistics carrier in time.

PFCShip aims to provide professional and high-quality cross-border cloud warehouse storage services, help cross-border e-commerce sellers reduce warehouse management costs, improve the time limit of order processing and delivery, and further improve buyers' satisfaction with shopping.

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