How to efficiently use cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage services?

The reason why the cross-border e-commerce trade has been crazy in the past two years is mainly relying on the core concept of the business itself, and it transfers all the traditional sales and buyers to the online stores that can complete the transaction without contact. This undoubtedly makes both merchants and buyers to save costs, but also reduces a lot of intermediate links, making shopping so simple.

In 2022, the brand new cross-border e-commerce model is becoming the main business model of the international trade industry, especially during the COVID-19 COVID-19 outbreak. The major international trade exhibitions have almost halved or stopped, and the traditional international trade through the network to be e-commerce, is also becoming the business core of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Great convenience for buyers' shopping experience is the core service content of each e-commerce platform. Similarly, cross-border e-commerce also enables buyers to buy the products you are interested in in any country in the world without leaving home. This also brings for cross-border e-commerce sellers more various order delivery notes, such as order distribution, goods storage, transportation channel selection, sorting orders according to the destination country or region distribution parts and corresponding national customs declaration, serious cost cross-border electricity sellers or enterprise operating expenses and the corresponding time and energy.

Cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service is now specially designed for cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises to solve such problems. Many sellers or enterprises did not use the cloud warehouse services, and did not liberate their entire capabilities, we provide below through the PFCShip case to analyze with you on how to efficiently use the cloud warehouse storage services?

1.Use the necessary services provided by PFCShip as much as possible, such as goods storage and one package delivery and real-time storage update management services, so that cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies can realize the maximum optimal allocation of resources, liberate the core manpower and material resources, and devote themselves to sales growth.

2.Using PFCShip's recommended transportation channel, it can be safer on the original basis, and quickly transport to the destination while also saving transportation costs. Based on more than 10 years of operation experience, PFCShip will choose the most stable and reliable transportation channels to regularly push to the sellers or enterprises in need.

3.Fast order processing time allows buyers' shopping experience to be further improved.

For buyers, sellers can efficiently deliver goods in expected with tracking numbers. PFCShip provides one package delivery service, receiving orders within no more than 24 hours of processing time, which makes the delivery time become higher, and improves the sense of shopping experience and repurchase rate of buyers.

4.The professional WMS order warehousing management software provided by PFCShip can perfectly connect with the order management system of most of the current e-commerce platforms on the market. When operating orders in the cloud, orders can be sorted, send and automatically upload tracking numbers. Powerful real-time update of inventory information, so that sellers or enterprises to control the inventory situation has been greatly improved. It also provides necessary data support for the high circulation rate of products.

5.The efficient use of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service must greatly reduce the recruitment, training, salary, warehouse rent and other costs of the warehouse management needs through the advantages of cloud warehouse.

Reduce the management and expenses caused by storage, and improve the processing speed and transportation time of orders. Let the satisfaction of buyers to be increased, increase the repurchase rate of buyers. This is the ultimate purpose of the efficient use of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage services.

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