How do cross-border e-commerce sellers shipping lithium battery products?

The development of international trade is inseparable from the control and demand of cross-border e-commerce sellers and buyers on products. Since the 21st century, the growth rate of global electronic development can be described as riding a rocket. The development of electronic products is inseparable from the energy support of power sources, and the rise of portable devices has indirectly made batteries a target product for many cross-border sellers.

Batteries are the main drivers of the ongoing electrification of the world, which rapidly increases the need for reliable solutions. However, the logistics for transport, return, and recycling are complex due to their dangerous-goods classification.

From our most well-known mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, portable audio and other products powered by batteries, we have to face a problem, how to solve the cross-border transportation of such products?

Major online shopping platforms will require products and packaging containing button batteries to comply with these safety standards. These include: providing a safe battery compartment to keep children out of the reach of the battery; providing the battery in child-resistant packaging; conducting compliance testing; and displaying additional warnings and emergency advisories on the packaging and instructions.

So can products containing batteries that meet the regulations be sent abroad?

The answer is yes. But choose a qualified logistics carrier to deliver the goods for you, because the special nature of the goods may be rejected by many channels. However, professional logistics carriers will simply check the goods and confirm that the live products that meet the international standards can be sent normally.

Your one-stop solution for the entire battery supply chain.

As a fully integrated service provider, PFC express(Parcel from China)covers all logistics modes of transport, as well as the complete life cycle of batteries, globally.

We cover everything from the inbound transport of materials to the production, as well as the outbound transport of finished goods, after-sales services, and the reverse logistics of recycling or disposal. Our global network of proven dangerous-goods experts allows our customers to compete with the challenges of an emerging industry. Our combined expertise in automotive, electronics, and the semiconductor business results in sophisticated cross-industrial solutions.

At PFC express(Parcel from China), we can provide or organize the proper packaging to ensure safe transport and storage for all kind of batteries: new, used, and even damaged ones.

It is recommended to use the PFC expressPFC express(Parcel from China)logistics line, which has been providing professional and safe cross-border logistics and transportation services for global cross-border e-commerce sellers for more than ten years. We are willing to share our own logistics experience for each cooperative cross-border e-commerce seller.

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