Why is warehousing restricting the development of cross-border e-commerce?

Cross-border trade has been transformed from the traditional general trade of factory orders into various forms of cross-border e-commerce trade such as B2B, B2C, C2C and so on. Earlier years ago, many factories and enterprises had realized the huge development potential of cross-border e-commerce, coupled with the common use of mobile phone networks, which made people's online shopping mode more convenient. Cross-border trade e-commerce is undoubtedly an inevitable development trend.

Every transformation of international trade is of great significance. In the 2.0 era of cross-border e-commerce trade, how to better and rationally use cloud warehouse storage more efficiently, so that their electronic business territory continues to expand, has gradually become the focus of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and sellers. This is directly related to whether cross-border e-commerce 3.0 era.

Why is warehousing restricting the development of cross-border e-commerce?

For its online sales characteristics, cross-border e-commerce trade is not the same as the traditional stores limited by space. Usually, in order to attract and constantly meet the needs of customers, the online sold products SKU becomes more comprehensive, with the disadvantage of more difficult management. For example, on some cross-border e-commerce sales, there may appear tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of SKU. This also shows that the new storage of cross-border e-commerce trade has a large number of sales categories, large differences in product specifications, and a large number of corresponding SKU. Without relying on professionals and powerful WMS management software, people can not rely on W M S management software.

In the traditional cross-border e-commerce storage mode, with the order, the warehouse needs to sort, pack and send the goods very accurately according to the requirements of the order. This link has remarkably high requirements for the proficiency of storage personnel. Because of the relationship of transnational trade, once there is a mistake, it is bound to cause no small losses. The increasingly fierce competition for online sales makes cross-border e-commerce warehousing have higher requirements in the timeliness and accuracy of processing orders.

Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce trade is relatively mature. And the crazy sales after mastering the traffic password also makes the wild growth of the corresponding sales become uncontrollable. Especially during the major promotional festivals abroad (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, etc.), there are a large number of orders. The number and product category of the orders are not controllable. However, once the order is generated, the warehouse needs to deal with a large number of order sorting and sending in a short period of time. It is becoming urgent of how to ensure the rapid, accurate and efficient processing of overload work during this period is becoming increasingly.

Because of the above reasons, if you want to expand and upgrade your cross-border e-commerce business map, the traditional warehouse must be upgraded into a more efficient and professional cross-border cloud warehouse.

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