How to cooperate with China cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse?

Cross-border e-commerce sellers have been the norm for nearly two years. In 2022, after several years of continuous popularity of cross-border e-commerce, more cross-border sellers have been attracted to the market.

Cross-border e-commerce sellers are eager to arm their stores without missing a single detail, so that others are daunted. Cross-border e-commerce sellers have to not only increase investment from the quality of products, product brand power, store traffic and exposure, praise acquisition, etc. but also go to a large number of ordinary sellers to ignore the hidden realms to compete. This is the fierce competition of cross-border e-commerce storage cloud warehouse.

As the saying goes, before taking a certain action, you must make relevant preparations in advance As we all know, cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse is integral to improving their own order processing competitive strength and saving money. How to operate more cost-efficient warehouse order processing is becoming a must for experienced cross-border e-commerce sellers.

How to cooperate with a cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse?

What cross-border e-commerce sellers only need to do is contact the business staff of PFCShip Cloud Warehouse , and explain the communication intention and the required services. The customer service staff will open an exclusive account for cross-border e-commerce sellers. By logging into the account, cross-border e-commerce sellers can directly connect their own platform orders or third-party ERP order management systems to PFCShip Cloud Warehouse. It's easy to seamlessly manage and process tens of thousands of orders from your store with one click.

What do cross-border e-commerce sellers need to provide to cooperate with PFCShip cloud warehouse? Taking cross-border e-commerce platforms as an example: eBay, Amzon,and other old shopping sites' cross-border e-commerce sellers do not need any third-party auxiliary ERP to interface with PFCShip WMS seamlessly and efficiently manage the routine operations such as sending markers for store backend orders online (without involving any other sensitive functions of intervention and access).

Take PFCShip Cloud Warehouse ERP as an example. PFCShip Cloud Warehouse ERP's more comprehensive order assistance allows Shopify store owners to save more time while being more efficient and accurate. You can also import products such as products on Amazon into your product library with one click and optimize them (if needed, not required) to be shelved directly into your Shopify store with one click through this ERP. Easily transfer dropshipping products can make your Shopify store operate easily. PFCShip Cloud Warehouse provides cross-border e-commerce sellers and shopify store owners with multi-faceted and comprehensive services. A one-piece shipping service in basic warehousing will also provide personalized services for most cross-border e-commerce sellers. If you need a cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse, choose PFCShip.

In this way, cross-border cloud warehouse cooperation can be started without the need for cross-border e-commerce sellers to provide anything (as long as you have your own operating store or website). After handing over the most cumbersome back-end operations to us, your cross-border e-commerce business will become easier and simpler.

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