How To Achieve Perfect Dropshipping Fulfillment?China order fulfillment service

Dropshipping is a model that sellers can rely on dropshipping platform, 3PL providers or factories to fulfill their orders generated on their e-commerce site. In the whole process of dropshipping, sellers only need establish an e-commerce platform using Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce, acquire traffic and orders from channels such as Facebook ads, Google SEO and TikTo, and then turn over orders to dropshipping platforms such as AliExpress, 3PL providers such as Spocket, CJDropshipping and PFCshipship. These dropshipping services providers will fulfill the orders.

After the products are sourced, many dropshippers choose a 3PL provider to fulfill the dropshipping orders since choosing 3PL provider to fulfill the dropshipping orders can improve operational efficiency, release cost pressure, and improve fulfillment efficiency. Then how to choose a 3PL provider to achieve perfect dropshipping fulfillment?

Actually, a perfect dropshipping fulfillment comprises of 4 parts:

Firstly, strong packing. Using strong material to pack the order can reduce order deficiency rate.

Secondly, fast shipping time. When an order is placed, the customer is eager to receive the order. Hence perfect dropshipping fulfillment has high requirements for shipping time.

Thirdly, real-time tracking. If the order can be tracked, the customer will make sure they are not cheated and be patient to expect the order.

Fourthly, high cost performance. Fast shipping time always means high cost, but sometimes it is not suitable for cheap product.

It is worth mentioning that, many E-commerce sellers are still sourcing products from China, dropshipping from AliExpress, 1688 etc., then fulfilling orders with the help of China fulfillment center to complete picking& packing and shipping. As the shipping route is quite long, so sellers care much about perfect dropshipping fulfillment. To find a perfect dropshipping fulfillment center in China, you must know PFCship.

PFCship is one of the largest Order Fulfillment Center and Dropshipping Fulfillment Center in China, it has warehouse in Shenzhen and Dongguan. As is known to all, Shenzhen is one of the “biggest manufacturing and transporting hubs of the world”, and Yiwu is the “Supermarket of the World”, the superior geographical position of PFCship’s fulfillment center not only improves PFCship’s China fulfillment efficiency, but also accumulates rich experiences in handling all kinds of e-commerce difficulties. What’s more, PFCship provides safe warehouse, customized picking & packing services, quick shipping and real-time tracking services, thus improving pick & pack efficiency, minimizing errors and triggering good reviews.

If you are a dropshipper, you can choose PFCship to achieve perfect dropshipping fulfillment sent from China. To get a free quote, you can click: get a free quote.

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