China warehousing,how to choose cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage?

In recent years, there have been a lot of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses. There are overseas warehouses, cloud warehouses in coastal areas of China, and simple warehouses for cargo warehousing. At one point, there were even cloud warehouses opened in some free zones. Which is the best cloud warehouse storage? Cloud warehouses are full of dazzling, which makes people feel at loss how to choose cloud warehouses for a while.

Cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses save time for cross-border e-commerce sellers in warehousing and delivery, which improves efficiency for all to see. In this way, the value of cloud warehouse warehousing is also revealed. Therefore, how should cross-border e-commerce sellers choose to cooperate with cloud warehouses now makes sellers with this demand entangled.

There are many cloud warehouse warehousing service companies on the market. Cross-border sellers should not blindly listen to their promotional service content but should understand the service level and service content of the target cooperative cloud warehouse company from different aspects. Sellers should combine their unique actual situation in finding a cloud warehouse warehousing company that meets their product type to cooperate. In doing so, the undesirable phenomenon of cooperation will be avoided to a large extent.

How to choose the right cloud warehouse? Here are a few examples of selection conditions for your reference:

1. The scale of the cloud warehouse storage company.

It is best to choose a larger cloud warehouse storage company as much as possible because the security and service of large cloud warehouse storage companies have specific guarantees. If you choose these companies, you will not lose money due to some management problems.

2. Whether the WMS of the warehousing company of cloud warehouse has docked with the ERP management software of its own e-commerce platform or third-party e-commerce.

One-click cloud warehouse goods management processing and sending order instructions are based on good system data information docking. Suppose the chosen cloud warehouse warehousing company does not connect with the e-commerce platform you operate. In that case, your work may not become efficient because of a cloud warehouse.

3. Whether the cloud warehouse geographic location is in a logistics-developed area.

The geographical location of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing is essential. Most of the well-known and recognized international logistics golden belts are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai, and other areas, because of the geographical location of these areas, especially in air freight. The proximity to Hong Kong also allows a large number of goods to board international flights in Hong Kong, thus ensuring the timeliness of air transport.

4. Whether the cloud warehouse company includes optional value-added services in the service process.

The services of many cloud warehouse warehousing companies have standardized processes. The quality of management directly affects the level of service. Moreover, the value-added services segment is the one that determines whether the company can provide customers with more flexibility in customized services. With this service, you may soon use it, such as inspection of goods, labeling, label changing, and custom packaging.

5. How does cloud warehouse storage charge?

Generally speaking, cloud warehouse is charged by piece. Take PFCShip as an example: $0.99 for sending one piece of goods (packing supplies are extra or provided by yourself). Free 60-day warehousing is available for goods in the warehouse. For goods that have been in the warehouse for more than 60 days, the fee is charged according to the cube. When understanding all kinds of cloud warehouse storage, the charging details must be read in detail in case of a charge trap.

Order fulfillment about daily stocking goods, putting goods on shelves, printing orders and packaging goods, is a complex and professional work, which will take up your valuable time. If you handle this work to us, you will save a lot of time and energy to invest more orders.Therefore,our warehouse services is the good choice for you to expand your business.

There is no best, only better.

Finally, for any cloud warehouse, do not look at how good the advertised service content is. Instead, it must be combined with its own actual needs, and it is necessary to make specific measurements regarding safety, cost, and convenience.

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