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The US is the world’s largest economy and the second largest e-commerce market (after China), with annual sales of $587 billion and online sales accounting for 11.3% of the total. Many multinational e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay are headquartered in USA, thus the advantaged geographical location and cutting-edge Internet technology make USA become one of the most developed e-commerce and the highest market maturity. For Chinese cross-border export sellers, USA remains the biggest target market.

As COVID-19 repeatedly outbreaks in USA, home-working and lockdown measures have given a greater boost to the direct-to-consumer B2C model, and USA’s retail e-commerce sales have continued to grow. According to the research made by eMarketer, the retail e-commerce sales in USA reaches to $765 billion in 2021, and is expected to be $859 billion in 2022.

Current Situation of Shipping from China to USA

China and the United States are thousands of kilometers apart, Shipping from China to USA can only by sea and air. For most cross-border e-commerce sellers, they mainly engaged in drop shipping and small parcels delivery, so air transportation is mainly adopted. However, as the demand for air transportation shipping from China to USA increases, there arises many problems such as high shipping fees, parcels delay, parcels damaged and parcels loses.

Thus, cheapest shipping from china to USA and fastest shipping from china to USA attract much attention. PFC took first to meet the market need, and launch PFC US Super Express.

Fastest DHL Alternative Channel Shipping from China to USA


PFC US Super Express is a cost-effective solution formulated by PFC shorten the shipping from China to US time, which is completed by direct flight from Hong Kong/mainland China+ USPS(FC/PM)delivery. There is no need to transfer flight through the third party (American importers or overseas warehouses). At present, the actual rate of 10 natural days is about 90%.


Shipping time: the fastest shipping from china to USA time is 5 working days.

Direct flight from Hong Kong/mainland China with 6 flights per week.

Quick Custom Clearance: complete the customs clearance process before the flight landed.

Delivery rate: the delivery rate of delivery within 10 days is higher than 90%.

Virtual warehouse: Recorded into the tracking system and providing US virtual Internet address within 2 days after received the products.

Best one-stop China Fulfillment: provide safe warehousing, custom picking and packing, efficient shipping and other free value-added services.

Support self-pickup in the nearest post office: if the parcels delivery are failed, they will be handed over to the nearest post office, and customers can pickup by themself according to the phone number and address of the post office we provide.

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