Shipping from China to Australia.How long does the Australian special line take?

Logistics special line is the direct transportation line in logistics transportation, which originally originated from the direct transportation from one city to another city in China. Corresponding to the logistics special line is the transit logistics transportation. Due to its characteristics of direct transportation to the destination city without stopping, logistics special line greatly improves the transportation time, and having self-owned special line transportation has become a necessity for powerful logistics transportation companies.

Generally speaking, international logistics special line is the direct transportation to the corresponding city in the destination country in the international freight transportation. The purpose of opening the special logistics line is to achieve faster and more efficient transportation while saving costs. However, the establishment of the special line needs sufficient cargo as the premise, otherwise it may lead to poor operation income of the special line. The international logistics special line may need to accumulate a certain amount of goods before delivery. For its strong timeliness, the international logistics special line attaches great importance to it, and can basically achieve regular and fixed point transportation, which not only ensures the timeliness, but also reduces the cost of transportation, attracting more and more cross-border sellers to choose from.

The Australian Special Line is one of many international line transportation products launched by PFCShip. The final delivery service partner is Australia Post, which has the most complete coverage and most guaranteed delivery time.

The Australian special line prescription has stable effectiveness period, generally for 5-8 working days. If the general goods are sent, direct flights from the mainland to Australia will be selected by default. Meanwhile, it will select direct flights from Hong Kong to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and other major Australian cities according to the destination of sorting.

In early 2022 when Hong Kong was haunted by the epidemic, the government intervened to control the port from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, badly affecting the effectiveness of the special line. After internal discussion, PFCShip started Australian special line emergency support plan And chose to schedule customs clearance vehicles from each major port, thus providing a certain effectiveness guarantee for Australia special line, and reducing the impact of the outbreak to the lowest.

Because the direct special line from the mainland to Australia is all ordinary goods, and the flights are booked in advance, the customs clearance and inspection will be released relatively fast, and the parcels that do not produce GST will be operated duty-free, which greatly accelerates the customs clearance speed.

After long-term optimization of the line, it can now accept the goods with tape electricity (including liquid, and the total battery capacity of charged products should be less than 100wh). After the goods are delivered to PFCShip, the flight transportation can be arranged within 24 hours (working days), which greatly guarantees the time effectiveness.

PFCShip suggests that the seller should truthfully declare the name and value of the goods, and correctly paste the address label, and avoid using the vague general declaration name (electronic products / electronic accessories, etc.). If the declaration is not consistent, it will be detained or returned in the customs inspection, which will greatly affect the timeliness of the goods.

Due to the low transportation cost, and guaranteed time effectiveness, many cross-border sellers choose the Australian special line. PFCShip will continue to optimize the normal operation of the line to ensure the time effectiveness and safety to the maximum extent.

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