International shipping, what shipping methods available from China to the world?

Parcel From China (PFC Express) have created our services to provide you with the best end-to-end order fulfillment solutions available from China.

Due to the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the past two years, online sales have increased significantly. Some home office equipment sales have surged. Such as web camera, office chairs, notebooks, etc. So more and more people began to enter the field of online sales. They are replacing traditional B2B trade. Especially the dropshipping business that is emerging in the United States.

Dropshippingis an order fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. You just need to find a 3pl supplier for your business. Focus on your marketing and product. Get more sales.

As a beginner, you just need to use shopify or wordpress to build a personal website and find the right products to sell. But many beginner don't know how to ship products to other countries. PFCShip can help sellers provide product procurement, storage, logistics and other services. You know that the products in China are high quality and low price, which is very competitive. We can help you to purchase in bulk in the local market, and we can also help you purchase in China's e-commerce website This will give you a greater competitive advantage. You can earn more profit.

Let me introduce to you the international logistics channels of PFC Ship.


This shipping method is for ordinary small goods, below 2kg. You can send some products containing batteries or ordinary products. Time area 12-20 days.


This is the logistics method commonly used by e-commerce sellers, and it is also the logistics method we recommend to everyone. The shipping time is around 7-12 days. Especially for UK, Japan, and Singapore, it only takes 4-7 days for delivery. The shipping time for other major European and American countries is 7-12 days. This shipping method is your best choice for shipping from China. It can help you save logistics time and save money on stocking. Applicable to most products. Except for liquid products.

Sensitive goods (Liquid)

For example, the products you sell are masks, creams, or essential oils. These products require special protection during transport. So it is best to choose Sensitive channel. It can protect your product from damage or leakage during transportation.

Kitchen Knives

Due to the outbreak of the global epidemic in the past two years, many people staying at home, which has led to the popularity of kitchen products, especially kitchen knives. If you sell these products. Just choose it as your shipping method.


We often encounter customers who urgently need your products. They will generally choose a shipping time of only a few days. So UPS, Fedex, DHL will be your best choice. Global arrival time 3-6 days.

We will choose the best logistics solution for you. Or You may choose the logistics solution by yourself. You sell we ship for you.

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