Amazon offers its MCF service to independent Sellers on BigCommerce

Amazon recently said it would offer MCF services to independent Sellers on Its BigCommerce site, a move that demonstrates amazon's commitment to third-party delivery and its growing competition with UPS and FedEx.

Independent site building platform BigCommerce is integrating Amazon's Multi-channel Delivery (MCF) service into its platform, giving independent Sellers of

BigCommerce the same options as customers of Amazon delivery (FBA) service.

Sellers on BigCommerce's independent sites can ship their goods to Amazon's operations center, where Amazon will deliver for buyers.

"Amazon's MCF service will help our sellers operate more efficiently." "Said Sharon Gee, General manager of Omni-channel at BigCommerce.

Multi-channel Delivery Service (MCF) is a project of Amazon Logistics Service (FBA). With multi-channel distribution, Amazon stores sellers' inventory at amazon's operations centers. When sellers sell goods across multiple platforms, Amazon will sort, package and deliver them to buyers.

Sellers can use the tools in their accounts to create multi-channel shipments to Amazon and submit orders for Amazon to ship, as well as manage customer service for those orders. With multi-channel distribution, sellers can scale up their business and cope with a surge in orders during the peak season. Sellers can also offer next-day and alternate day delivery services to buyers through MCF.

With multi-channel distribution, sellers can choose to have the goods returned to them or returned to amazon's operations center and back into their inventory. Sellers can apply for a return of stock at any time.

In addition, sellers using The MCF service can use multi-channel distribution to automatically deliver Amazon logistics inventory.

According to an analysis, the MCF service allows independent sellers to track shipments and deliveries at the time of the transaction. Sellers can control shipping costs, including those associated with picking up, packing and shipping, without a hefty surcharge.

Rick Watson, founder and chief executive of RMW Commerce, an e-commerce consulting firm, said amazon's MCF service would be a magnet for BigCommerce's independent sellers at a time when fedex and UPS are limiting what corporate customers can pay for their premiums.



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